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Within the world of electronics developments in RF & Microwave can be crucial to design engineers. At New Electronics we are aware of the importance of staying abreast of the recent advances in and the impact it can have on your role, that’s why we have collated all the latest news in one place.

Ultra-compact 3G/2G cellular module

The SARA-U201, currently the smallest cellular module available supporting 2G and 3G, is now available from Alpha Micro Components. The device is pin and form factor compatible with u-blox’s other region-specific 2G and 3G variants, such as the 2G SARA-G350.

Multi-GNSS receiver with embedded security

Alpha Micro has released the u-blox M8 with 3.01 firmware, a multi-GNSS receiver platform with a -167dBm sensitivity, providing a 2m position accuracy. The device has been designed to let OEMs create advanced automotive navigation, drive recorder, emergency call systems, drone positioning, and other such systems that demand accuracy and reliability.

BoostedNFC for wearables improves contactless user experience

Ineltek has added the ams AS3921 NFC (Near Field Communications) analogue front end device to its range of wireless semiconductor solutions. Equipped with ams’ BoostedNFC technology, the device is claimed to enable gains in performance for space-constrained applications such as smart watches, wristbands and other wearables.

Low power Bluetooth module for IoT applications

Panasonic has launched a next-generation (nanopower) Bluetooth Smart module for the Internet of Things. The PAN1760 Series Bluetooth smart module v4.1 with integrated antenna and embedded GATT profile is claimed to be a cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) solution for low energy Bluetooth applications such as data transfer to smartphones/tablets, wireless health monitoring, smart home, general industry, and portable applications without host MCU.

Set top box tester gives greater control

RedRat is launching the latest version of its set top box testing and control product, the irNetBox. The device is designed to give set top box manufacturers greater control over stress testing processes and simplify installation and use.

First integrated amplifier and balun in one package

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has introduced a broadband differential input RF amplifier that is claimed to simplify designs for transmitters utilising RF digital-to-analogue converters and/or integrated transceivers used in base stations and public safety infrastructure.

Low noise amplifiers are alternatives to hybrid devices

MMIC broadband low noise amplifiers from Aspen Electronics are said to be suitable alternatives to more costly hybrid amplifiers. According to the supplier, the devices are suited for use in communications systems requiring small size and low power consumption. It adds that the 50W matched design eliminates the need for external DC blocks or RF port matching.

Industry’s most integrated Bluetooth smart module

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a Bluetooth Smart module that it claims is the market’s first Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution to integrate programmable analogue and digital blocks in a fully-certified module. The small-form-factor EZ-BLE PSoC module includes Bluetooth 4.1 qualification and worldwide regulatory certification.

Ultra-low-jitter clock generators

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the LMK033x8 range of clock generators that is said to provide ultra-low jitter of 100fs and flexible pin control options. Compared to conventional reference clock solutions, the LMK033x8’s jitter performance is claimed to enable system designers to optimise system timing margins and bit error rate to reduce data transmission errors. This allows for more reliable communications, networking, server, computing, and high-performance industrial equipment.

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