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Within the world of electronics developments in Power can be crucial to design engineers. At New Electronics we are aware of the importance of staying abreast of the recent advances in and the impact it can have on your role, that’s why we have collated all the latest news in one place.

Mil-Spec power factor correction modules for AC/DC supplies

Mil-spec power factor correction modules, developed by SynQor for AC/DC power conversion in military, aerospace and commercial applications, are available from Luso Electronics. Both the MPFC-U-390-QP and MPFC-115-270-QP deliver 350W from a quarter brick package (1.5 x 2.4 x 0.5in) while achieving 95% efficiency at full load.

Buck converter has high current density

A 12V, 10A, 10MHz series-capacitor buck converter from Texas Instruments is said to have a current density of more than 50A/cm3, four times more than any other 12 V power management component or solution available.

Low profile AC/DC supplies

The (M)WLP225 Series of 225W low profile AC/DC products is available from Gresham Power Electronics. Design by EOS and suitable for commercial, industrial and medical applications, the (M)WLP225 Series comes in a 2 x 4 x 1in package which the supplier says is suitable for use in rack enclosures.

Power management IC integrates three MOSFET stages

The XR77103 is Exar’s first universal power management IC to feature three integrated synchronous MOSFET power stages. This, says the company, results in an easy to use power management solution for a range of FPGAs, SoCs, DSPs and video processors

Open frame DC/DC converters

Two open frame isolated DC/DC converter families have been unveiled by CUI. The PRD15 and PRD25 series provide 15W and 25W respectively, have a typical efficiency said to approach 91% and measure 28 x 24 x 8mm.

Innovative modular power solution

ABB has launched a scalable power distribution and protection solution for use in data centre applications. ABB’s MNS-Up solution integrates uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and switchgear technologies into a single, modular system, which is claimed to lower footprint by up to 30%, increase uptime, and reduce maintenance costs.

MagnaLOAD DC electronic loads 1.25 kW to 120 kW+

Magna-Power Electronics, a specialist in programmable DC power products, has released a new line of DC electronic loads. Spanning 1.25 kW to 120 kW+ the MagnaLOAD line includes 3 product series, ALx Series, ARx Series, and WRx Series spanning 39 air- and water-cooled models with voltage ranges up to 0-1,000 Vdc and current ranges up to 0-1,200 Adc.

Bipolar 2-channel stepping motor driver

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a bipolar, 2-channel stepping motor driver rated for a high voltage of 40V and currents of up to 2.0A. The TC78S122FNG has been designed to save space, reduce power consumption, lower heat dissipation and minimise vibration and acoustic noise in high-speed motion control designs. Target applications include surveillance cameras, ATMs, office automation equipment, factory automation and home appliances.

Step down switching regulator

A 1.5A, 42V input synchronous step down switching regulator from Linear Technology delivers 93% efficiency when switching at 2MHz. This, says the developer, enables designers to avoid noise sensitive frequency bands.

2W DC/DC converter family

The NXE2 series of 2W surface mounted DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions is said to be footprint compatible with similar 1 and 2W devices available on the market. Measuring 12.5 x 4.4 x 10.4mm, devices in the NXE2 series are said to provide more power output from the same space as competitive parts.

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