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Within the world of electronics developments in Power can be crucial to design engineers. At New Electronics we are aware of the importance of staying abreast of the recent advances in and the impact it can have on your role, that’s why we have collated all the latest news in one place.

PMBus Protocol added to Xsolo series

Excelsys Technologies has added PMBus communication capabilities to its Xsolo series of 1U, single-output power supply units (PSUs). Xsolo units, equipped with an optional I2C digital interface, can now be remotely monitored by system supervisory equipment using industry standard PMBus protocols.

Navigate through digital power system design

Version 5.2 of Intersil's PowerNavigator software is now available. The package, which can be downloaded free of charge, helps system designers to configure, validate and monitor systems featuring the company's PMBus enabled digital power products.

Reliable and compact inverter

Infineon has launched its latest Intelligent Power Module (IPM). The MIPAQ Pro provides a range of scalable and compact inverter designs to be implemented in wind, solar and industrial drive applications.

Synchronous buck switching regulator

The ISL8002B synchronous buck switching regulator from Intersil delivers an output of up to 2A from an input supply ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V. With a switching frequency of 2MHz, the part is said to offer superior transient response, while key features such as programmable soft start and output tracking and sequencing of FPGAs and microprocessors, increase system reliability for point of load conversion.

New Li-ion battery charger from TI

Texas Instruments (TI) has produced a Li-ion battery charger that facilitates faster and cooler charging by combining narrow-voltage DC/DC power path management with their proprietary MaxCharge technology to support input voltages up to 14V while providing charge current up to 5A.

Efficient 600W DC-DC converters

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has launched the ADQ600 series, a range of 600W quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converters with high efficiency and thermal performance making them suitable for use in telecom and data center equipment.

Converter offers longer battery run times

ams has introduced a 1A synchronous buck converter with a wide input voltage range, high efficiency and low stand-by current. The device is said to suit designs powered by a single cell lithium-ion battery.

Delivering usable power at high temperatures

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has unveiled a new family of fanless, conduction-cooled AC-DC power supplies. The LCC600 series has been designed to deliver their full 600 Watt power output across a wide operating temperature range of minus 40 to 85 degrees Celsius.

New 7kW 3-phase AC/DC power supply from Murata

Murata Power Solutions has unveiled the D2U5T-H3-7000 3-phase input hot-swappable AC/DC power supply. Fan cooled this efficient power supply, typically up to 95.5% overall efficiency at 50% full load, provides a 54 VDC main output at up to 7,000 Watts from a 480 VAC input.

Fully encapsulated 50A digital power module from Intersil

Intersil has unveiled the ISL8272M, its first 50A fully encapsulated digital DC/DC PMBus power module. The device is a complete step down power supply that delivers up to 50A from industry standard 12V or 5V input power rails. Four modules can be combined to provide up to 200A.

Two phase 90A POL DC/DC module

Ericsson has launched a two phase 90A digital point of load (POL) DC/DC power module that offers compensation free performance and the ability to connect modules in parallel to provide up to 360A.

DC/DC converters feature non linear adaptive control

The iEH series of 300W 1/8th brick DC/DC converters from TDK-Lambda are said to use digital non linear adaptive control to improve dynamic response, system stability and reliability. This, says the company, makes the devices suitable for demanding applications, including communications and test and broadcast.

Synchronous buck switching regulator delivers 2A

The ISL8002B synchronous buck switching regulator from Intersil delivers up to 2A from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply. Switching at 2MHz is said to provide better transient response, whilst features such as programmable soft start and output tracking and sequencing of programmable devices increase system reliability for point of load conversion.

Intersil unveils synchronous buck regulator for FPGAs and MCUs

The new ISL8002B synchronous buck (step-down) switching regulator from Intersil has been designed to deliver up to 2A of continuous output current from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply. Along with the device’s 2MHz switching frequency it provides additional programmable soft-start, and output tracking and sequencing of FPGAs and microprocessors, providing increased system reliability for point-of load conversions in networking, factory automation, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

EnOcean adds data encryption to wireless sensors portfolio

Energy harvesting wireless technology specialist, EnOcean, has added encrypted data communication to its complete range of energy harvesting wireless sensor modules. These security mechanisms can optionally be activated and prevent different types of attacks, including replay and eaves-dropping attacks or forging messages.

Differential current transformer for current measurements up to 10 A

HARTING has added a differential current transformer capable of carrying out current measurements at up to 10 A to its family of current sensors for industrial applications. Specifically designed for measurements of ambient conditions in the wind energy sector, the single-piece core transformer combines high functional reliability with extremely high mechanical stability for the most demanding applications.

XP Power launches 30W medical power supply

The EML30 series of 30 Watt single output ultra compact AC-DC power supplies from XP Power has been designed for use in medical applications. The series comes with what is being described as the smallest footprint and the highest power density in the industry when compared to other similar power supplies with medical safety approvals.

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