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Within the world of electronics developments in Embedded & System Power can be crucial to design engineers. At New Electronics we are aware of the importance of staying abreast of the recent advances in and the impact it can have on your role, that’s why we have collated all the latest news in one place.

HV-IPD for sine-wave motor control

Toshiba has launched the TPD4204F, a high voltage intelligent power device that enables the sine-wave control of brushless DC electric motors. The device can be used in a range of low power industrial fans and pumps, as well as in white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers and fan units.

Power management chipset helps optimise dead time

Texas Instruments has introduced a power management chipset with intelligent digital control and a body-diode sensing feature to optimise secondary-side synchronous rectification in next-generation AC/DC and isolated DC/DC power supplies.

Wide input and noise immunity DC/DC converters

The DDC15 and DDC30 series of low profile 15W and 30W DIN rail format DC-DC converters have been announced by XP Power. The single output converters accept inputs in the range from 9 to 36V DC, suiting a 12 or 24V DC nominal input. The range is designed to offer additional voltages in DIN rail power systems, provide isolated outputs and noise immunity or support battery powered or battery backed applications.

Simplifying digital power conversion

Helping designers to maximise the advantages of digital power conversion, including high efficiency under load conditions, enhanced safety, rich diagnostics and convenient network connectivity, STMicroelectronics has released the STNRG range of digital controllers.

Packaging design reduces switching loss

Four products in Toshiba's DTMOS IV-H range – the TK25Z60X, TK31Z60X, TK39Z60X and TK62Z60X, all of which feature Vdss of 600V with Rds(on) values as low as 40mohm – have been released in a four pin TO-247 package.

Industry's fastest 16bit A/D converter

Texas Instruments has announced the ADS54J60, which is claimed to be the industry's first 16bit 1Gsample/s A/D converter and the first to achieve a signal to noise ratio of more than 70dBFS at 1Gsample/s. The device is suited for use in defence and aerospace, test and measurement, and communication infrastructure applications.

3000W power supply for mission critical applications

CUI has introduced a 3000W front end AC/DC power supply for mission critical N+1 redundant applications. The hot-swappable PSE-3000-48, which provides an output of 48V DC with a typical efficiency of 94% at 50% load, is suited for telecom, server and networking applications where energy reduction is a concern.

Efficient 600W DC-DC converters

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has launched the ADQ600 series, a range of 600W quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converters with high efficiency and thermal performance making them suitable for use in telecom and data center equipment.

Toshiba launches 4500V 1200A IEGT module

The MG1200GXH1US61 PMI has been launched by Toshiba Electronics Europe. It is a high-current 4500V, 1200A power module for use in rail traction, industrial motor control, renewable energy systems and electricity transmission and distribution applications.

Converter with high power capability

Ericsson has introduced a DC/DC converter module based on its proprietary Hybrid Regulated Ratio (HRR) technology. The PKM4817LNH has been optimised for parallel operation to power 2200W boards in extreme-data-demand applications in the datacom industry.

eGaN power transistors cost less than silicon

According to Efficient Power Conversion, price has been the last barrier to the widespread adoption of GaN transistors as a replacement for silicon MOSFETs. But it claims this barrier has fallen with the introduction of the 60V EPC2035 and 100V EPC2036, which are not only said to be cheaper than silicon equivalents, but also to provide better performance.

Toshiba launches next-generation transistor arrays

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new generation of efficient transistor arrays based on double diffused MOSFET (DMOS FET) technology. The new TBD62xxxA series is the successor to the company’s TD62xxxA series of bipolar transistor arrays, which have found wide use in applications including motors, relays and LED drives.

FTDI Chip adds graphic toolchain package to EVE offering

FTDI has sought to bring more support to its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) product offering with the introduction of the EVE Screen Designer - available now to download for free. Suitable for use with Windows operating systems (Windows 7 and above), this sophisticated, but easy-to-operate development suite has been developed to enable the creation of advanced human machine interfaces (HMIs), via EVE’s object-oriented approach, without any understanding of EVE display lists. This means that it is far more accessible to graphic designers who are concerned primarily with the look and feel of the HMI.

Next generation PMBus digital controller targets high-performance computing

Powervation has launched a high-performance digital DC/DC controller for FPGA, ASIC, and POL power for communications & computing applications. Designed for key rails that require precision output voltage regulation and tight control during transient conditions, the PV3105 digital controller provides low jitter and low output voltage ripple, and improved transient response, making it suitable for powering low-voltage, high current rails on leading process nodes for ASICs/FPGAs.

andersDX delivers entry level Embedded UI

andersDX has created an entry level DX series embedded display platform with the launch of the DX1, based on the 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor from Texas Instruments. The DX1a features an integrated TFT touch screen and is preloaded with Linux, Android or Windows CE. With the addition of application software, it becomes a fully working prototype system.

New digital controllers come with programmability and digital features

Powervation has introduced a new series of digital DC/DC controllers for gaming & high-performance motherboards, embedded computing, networking, and telecom applications. The PV3203 & PV3205 digital dual-phase controllers offer fast transient response and a number of new features intended to improve power supply and system performance, while reducing overall bill of material component cost.

Intersil unveils synchronous buck regulator for FPGAs and MCUs

The new ISL8002B synchronous buck (step-down) switching regulator from Intersil has been designed to deliver up to 2A of continuous output current from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply. Along with the device’s 2MHz switching frequency it provides additional programmable soft-start, and output tracking and sequencing of FPGAs and microprocessors, providing increased system reliability for point-of load conversions in networking, factory automation, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

Microchip LoRa technology looks to enable IoT

Microchip has launched the first in a series of modules for the LoRa technology low-data-rate wireless networking standard, which enables Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless communication with a range of more than 10 miles (suburban), a battery life in excess of 10 years, and the ability to connect millions of wireless sensor nodes to LoRa technology gateways.

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