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Within the world of electronics developments in Communications Hardware can be crucial to design engineers. At New Electronics we are aware of the importance of staying abreast of the recent advances in and the impact it can have on your role, that’s why we have collated all the latest news in one place.

Microsemi extends SparX-IV managed ethernet switch family

Microsemi is making available the latest member of its SparX-IV Ethernet switch product family. Providing 2.5G and 10 gigabit Ethernet connectivity the VSC7440 SparX-IV-34 has been designed to enable more cost effective, smaller form factor and lower power networking solutions.

HMI Panel for remote monitoring, data acquisition and control

Arbor has released the IOT-500, an HMI panel engineered to provide the highest level of flexibility and reliability to support automation and system optimisation requirements. The IOT-500 is based on the Dual Core MTK MT2601 industrial chipset from MediaTek, and features support for the Android v5.1 operating system that combines robust processing power, an open operating system and a flexible hardware configuration.

IoT Gateway Starter Kit from Advantech

Working in collaboration with Intel and Microsoft, Advantech has developed an IoT Gateway Starter Kit. Designed as a reliable platform and open gateway technologies it is intended to help ‘jumpstart IoT innovation.’ It is currently available from distributor Rutronik.

Rugged watertight panel LED

Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, is now making available a Faston-blade/solder-lug version of the ruggedized CRM/BRM series panel LED.

High voltage tolerant RS485 transceivers

Rugged, high voltage tolerant RS485 transceivers from Linear Technology is targeted at PROFIBUS-DP (decentralized periphery) master and slave devices. Whether transmitting, receiving, in standby or powered off, the LTC2876 and LTC2877 are said to tolerate ±60V on their bus pins, eliminating common damage due to transmission line faults

CoolMOS CE package is cost-effective drop-in replacement for DPAK

Infineon Technologies is expanding it CoolMOS CE portfolio with a SOT-223 package. This package is claimed to offer a cost effective alternative to DPAK as well as space savings in some designs. The SOT-223 package without middle pin is said to be compatible with a typical DPAK footprint and can be used as a drop-in replacement for DPAK for designs in LED lighting and mobile charger applications.

Industry’s first transistor arrays with DMOS FET source-output driver

Toshiba has launched the TBD62783A series of highly efficient transistor arrays, said to be the industry’s first with a DMOS FET type source-output driver. This series succeeds the TD62783 series of bipolar transistor arrays, claimed to cut power loss by around 40% and is suitable for a range of applications including LED drives.

Clear monochrome display, indoors and out

Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE has introduced the TX14D201MM2BAA, a 5.7inch monochrome TFT display module. It features QVGA resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio, excellent optical performance and a high brightness LED backlight for use in electric vehicle charging stations, ticketing systems, vending machines and process instrumentation.

Cost-effective dimmable LED driver delivers triac compatibility

Diodes Incorporated has released the AL1696 LED driver, which is designed to fit a range of triac-dimmable lighting applications. An integrated MOSFET, which also eliminates the need for an auxiliary winding, reduces BOM cost and component count while the option of three MOSFET voltage/current ratings provides design flexibility for meeting manufacturing requirements for residential lighting.

Providing a wider viewing angle

GTK has unveiled its O-Film (Optical Film) technology, which, when used in conjunction with standard TFT displays, is claimed to improve the achievable viewing angles.

SnapUI brings Linux development to embedded systems

ByteSnap Design has launched its Linux OpenGL SnapUI user interface framework. The new design, rewritten from the ground up, is focused on supporting the iMX6 processor to leverage graphical performance, while at the same time retaining core features.

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