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Within the world of electronics developments in Automotive can be crucial to design engineers. At New Electronics we are aware of the importance of staying abreast of the recent advances in and the impact it can have on your role, that’s why we have collated all the latest news in one place.

Vandal-resistant thick touchscreen glass

Varitronix has announced an enhancement to its range of High-Resolution Touch Panel TFT Displays. The development includes the addition of a Cover Lens with glass thickness up to 15mm through which the Capacitive Touch Screen can still be operated.

Dual channel RF transceiver for sub GHz applications

Melexis has introduced the MLX73290-M, a multichannel RF transceiver that works in the ISM bands from 300MHz to 960MHz. With two RF channels, each with a programmable RF power transmitter and a highly sensitive RF receiver, the device can be programmed via its serial peripheral interface.

Latest MULTI IDE for Linux debugging software released

Green Hills Software has announced the latest release of its MULTI Integrated Development Environment for Linux. With this release, Green Hills Software continues to evolve its software development suite with features designed to increase developer productivity and speed time-to-market.

Ultra-low power 16-bit flash MCU from Epson

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) has announced that it has developed and begun shipping samples of S1C17W18, a 16-bit flash microcontroller (MCU) from its S1C17W00 series. The MCU is said to operate at 1.2V and is capable of driving 352 segment displays while achieving 40% less current consumption in operating mode than previous 16-bit MCUs from the S1C17W00 series.

Additional output voltages extend power module series

TDK has announced an extension to its PH-A280 series of high voltage input DC/DC converters. Capable of operating from 200 to 425Vdc, the 3.3, 15 and 28V output power modules are suitable for use in data centres, telecommunications and renewable energy applications utilising a 380V nominal high voltage DC bus.

Low power high contrast 1.7m dot OLED micro-display

Astute Electronics has announced the availability of MICROOLED’s MDP01, a 1.7million dot full-colour OLED micro-display which is suitable for applications where clear, crisp, sharp image quality is required while minimising cost, power consumption and space.

Automotive inductive-load driver reduces space and cost

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DMN61D8LVTQ dual-channel inductive-load driver, designed for automotive inductive load-switching applications, such as window, door latch and antenna relays, solenoids and small DC motors. The on-chip integrated Zener diodes and bias resistors are claimed to eliminate the need for external components, saving cost and reducing the PCB footprint.

Wireless access point for rail and automotive applications

MEN Mikro Elektronik has released the NM50, a maintenance-free WLAN access point for connecting networks in demanding railway and automotive applications. Its robust design and reliable data transmission make the NM50 suitable for vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-land communication in safety-critical environments of the IoT.

Industry's fastest isolated current sense amplifier

Silicon Labs has introduced an isolated current sense amplifier claimed to deliver the industry's highest bandwidth and lowest signal delay. The Si8920 isolated amplifier provides a current shunt measurement solution suitable for power control systems operating in harsh environments such as industrial motor drives, solar inverters, high-voltage power converters, uninterruptible power supplies and electric/hybrid-electric vehicle systems.

Melexis extends hall sensor portfolio

Melexis has introduced the MLX91208CAV, opitmised for very high fields of hybrid and electric vehicle applications, the device is said to be able to cope with up to 1000A of primary current. This device complements the existing products in the MLX91208 series, which cover low field and high field functions.

World's thinnest thermal solution offers very high thermal conductivity

The world's thinnest thermal solution from Panasonic is now available in Europe through TTI. The PGS graphite sheet is an ultra-light artificial graphite film produced from polymeric film using a heat de-composition process. It boasts thermal conductivity of between 700 to 1950W/(mK) which is up to five times higher than copper and up to seven times better than aluminium. The sheet can be used for providing thermal management/heat-sinking in limited spaces or to provide supplemental heat-sinking in addition to conventional means.

Alpha Micro release 4G LTE modules

Alpha Micro Components has announced the availability of the u-blox TOBY-L2 cellular module range which supports multi-band LTE-FDD, along with HSPA+ and GPRS/ EDGE in a 25 x 36 x 2.6mm package. With 3GPP Rel. 9 and LTE Cat 4 providing data throughput up to 150Mbit/s, the modules are suited for both industrial and consumer applications requiring high data-rates, including consumer fixed-wireless terminals, mobile routers and remote video streaming applications.

Converter offers 93% efficiency

Linear Technology has released the LT8602, a 42V quad channel, current mode, monolithic buck switching regulator with a programmable power-on reset. The LT8602's synchronous rectification topology is said to deliver up to 93% efficiency and can be configured for micropower Burst Mode operation or pulse-skipping operation at light load.

Automotive qualified single output LDO

Micrel has released a high-performance low-dropout CMOS regulator (LDO) featuring a dropout of 100mV at 300mA. The MAQ5300 comes in a 6-pin, 2 x 2mm DFN package and is suited for space-constrained and high-reliability functions in automotive and industrial applications.

T591 Series feature 50V offerings

KEMET has announced extensions to its automotive grade polymer electrolytic capacitors. The T591 High Performance Automotive Grade Polymer Electrolytic Series is said to deliver stability and endurance under harsh humidity and temperature conditions. The new extensions include options up to 50V for both 12 and 24V power rails.

Stackable FPGA solution

The EMC2-7A board, from Sundance, can be used with commercial, industrial or automotive graded Artix-7 FPGAs and features 1Gbyte of DDR3 local storage, 32Mbyte of flash for storage/configurations and has 68x free differential I/O pins routed to a VITA57.1 FMC-LPC high-speed connector.

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