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6U VPX load board

Elma UK, a designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes has announced a new 6U VPX load board. The load board helps confirm the chassis meets the VITA 46/48 power specifications for VPX and aids in locating hot spots within the enclosure.

Mouser stocks Texas Instruments' ultra-low power MSP430™ mcu value line

The ultra-low power MSP430™ microcontroller value line offers superior 16bit mcu performance and industry leading ultra-low power consumption for cost sensitive applications that have traditionally depended on low cost 8bit microcontrollers. The MSP430 value line ensures 8bit developers no longer need to sacrifice performance, power efficiency or scalability because of price.

Microchip Microstick development board

Microchip has announced the Microstick for dsPIC33F and PIC24H development board, which it claims provides a low cost solution for designing with Microchip's 16bit PIC24H microcontrollers and dsPIC33F digital signal controllers (DSCs).

Surface mount crystals

Frequency control specialist Euroquartz has announced the release of its latest ultra-miniature AT-cut crystals covering the frequency range 16 to 60MHz in fundamental mode.

Ultra wide input range power module

Designed for systems powered by 24 or 48V batteries, the PKM5000D is a quarter-brick, isolated dc/dc converter that is optimised to deliver what Ericsson Power Modules claims is the highest efficiency across an input voltage range of 18 to 75V.

Solderless LED Socket

Tyco Electronics has launched the Solderless LED Socket, Type CM, for integration of the new Cree XLamp MP-L multichip LED into light fixtures.

High voltage, low dropout linear regulators

Linear Technology has announced new wider temperature range versions of its LT1763, LT3008 and LT3010 high voltage linear regulators. The new high reliability MP grade features operation from -55 to 125°C for a range of applications including avionics, military, industrial, automotive, rf and telecom.

PCIe Medical LAN Card

Kontron has announced the PCIe Medical LAN Card, an IEC60601-1 compliant PCIe Gigabit Ethernet card, which can be used for the direct network connection of conventional IT equipment to medical devices.

One-board control solution available

Delta Tau has developed the new Turbo PMAC Clipper four-axis controller which has a one board control solution with I/O and Ethernet, plus Turbo PC/104 with Acc-2P and now comes with a 30% cost reduction.

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