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Power input connector

Positronic developed the Dragonfly connector series for applications requiring a compact package with an integral locking system. The newest addition to this line is a variant with three size 16 contacts, suitable for use as a power input connector in applications requiring ac/dc power.

LED control integrated circuit

International Rectifier has introduced the IRS2548D switched mode power supply control IC for energy efficient applications. The device is designed for high power led illumination and combines power factor correction as well as a half bridge driver in a single IC.

Epson Toyocom halves size of SAW oscillators

Epson Toyocom Corporation, a specialist in crystal devices, has announced the development of a new series of differential output SAW oscillators that offer both stability and high frequency oscillation, from 100 MHz and up.

MOSFET drivers offer peak output currents up to 4.5A

Microchip has added to its existing portfolio of 4.5A, low side mosfet drivers with the addition of the MCP14E6/7/8 and MCP14E9/10/11 devices. Offering peak output currents of 2 and 3A respectively, the devices support the integration of more features with reduced power consumption, size and cost.

Gate driver ICs target BLDC motor control applications

Atmel has introduced a new set of highly integrated system basis gate driver ICs. The ATA6843 and ATA6844 devices are additions to the company's existing range of gate drivers, designed for three phase brushless dc (BLDC) motor control applications including turbo chargers, waste gates, EGR, pumps, fans, power window, power doors and power seats.

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