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PCIM 2018 - SiC now, it’s real

Microsemi will be showcasing live and static demonstrations at PCIM to include three-phase Vienna power factor correction (PFC) topology reference design, SiC MOSFET driver boards, power core modules (PCMs) and hybrid power drives (HPD510 and HPD 520), DRF1300 reference design and DRF1510 reference design.

PCIM 2018 - Soft-PGS, NASBIS and passive components from Panasonic

Panasonic will be showing its Soft-PGS at PCIM, which it says is the next step for the Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet (PGS) portfolio and “one of the thinnest thermal solutions in the world”. Its thermal conductivity of 1950 W/m K is five times higher than common materials like copper, Panasonic adds.

Increased system performance in closed-loop control

Microchip has released two families of new 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). The PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 feature multiple intelligent Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) that aim to simplify development and enable a quick response time to system events.

Crash proof board-to-board connector

Amphenol RF has released its newly developed HD-EFI product line. This 50 ohm micro-miniature interface is intended for blind-mate situations and mating multiple RF lines between printed circuit boards and have been designed to maximize radial and axial float in board to board applications.

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