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High input voltage DC/DC converter range launched

A range of high voltage input DC/DC converters from Powerbox is intended for use in microgrid, data centre and industrial applications. The devices are available in four power ratings – 150, 300, 600 and 750W – and in quarter, half and full-brick formats.

Bidirectional TVS diode arrays with lower standoff voltages

Littelfuse has introduced 80A discrete bidirectional transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode arrays as the latest addition to its SP11xx series TVS diode arrays. The SP1103C series is said to offer circuit designers lower standoff voltage options for protecting lower voltage power buses from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.

Power efficient M.2 capture cards for OEM developers

The Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2s are now being shipped - the first of three models unveiled earlier this summer in Magewell's Eco Capture family of video capture cards for OEM developers. A fourth configuration has been announced which the company claims provides quad-channel capture density in an ultra-compact form factor.

Direct connector with push-in spring connection

Contact SKEDD PCB connectors from Phoenix are said to feature an innovative plug-in technology and can be mounted directly onto PCBs in any position without using tools. The SDC 2.5 series and SDDC 1.5 series are now available in Europe from TTI.

PCIe switch provides fabric connectivity

The Switchtec PAX advanced fabric Gen3 PCIe switch from Microsemi is said to provide fabric connectivity for scalable, multi-host systems as well as ‘just a bunch of flash’ supporting single root I/O virtualisation (SR-IOV), NVMe and multi-function endpoints.

Expanded beam fibre optic connector for tough environments

An expanded beam fibre optic connector from HARTING is said to provide high bandwidth transmission in harsh environments, such as in tunnel drilling and mining applications – where according to HARTING industrial Ethernet over fibre optic cable is becoming the transmission medium of choice.

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