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Gemini launches Tinytag Instrumentation Data Loggers

Gemini Data Loggers has announced the Tinytag Instrumentation range of voltage, current and count input data loggers.

The data loggers connect to a variety of third party sensors, enabling users to measure and record a wide range of properties such as pressure, flow rate, rainfall and footfall. These data loggers input options include voltage from 0 to 25V DC and current from 0 to 20 mA DC. A count input is also available that records up to 14,000 counts per ...

ROHM presents new 4-Pin Package SiC MOSFETs

ROHM is making available six new trench gate structure SiC MOSFETs (650V/1200V). The SCT3xxx xR-Serie is intended for server power supplies, UPS systems, solar power inverters, and EV charging stations requiring high efficiency.

Flexible 12-channel automotive LED driver

Developed by STMicroelectronics, the ALED1262ZT 12-channel LED driver targets advanced automotive rear combination lamps and interior lighting, bringing new features to support complex and innovative visual effects.

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