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Programmable op amp offers power/performance flexibility

Diodes has introduced its own variant of the TLC271 programmable op amp.

The new module offers a bias select mode, enabling closer matching of power dissipation and AC performance with the specific requirements of battery powered consumer and industrial products. To help extend battery cell life, its low bias mode helps reduce power dissipation, while medium and high bias modes progressively increase op amp AC performance. Bias modes can also be changed, ...

Single cell battery charger for auto applications

Intersil has announced the ISL78692, a 4.1V single cell battery charger designed to extend the life of Li-ion batteries in automotive emergency call systems. The ISL78692 battery charger has a lower leakage current – said to be 3µA – than competing solutions, allowing the backup battery to remain charged for a longer period. Lower charging voltage also extends battery life, whilst the device's small footprint reduces total solution size.

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