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New Electronics brings you the latest product and component news from market leading suppliers. Technology areas covered include microcontrollers, test & measurement, power, electronic design automation, embedded software and programmable logic, amongst others.

150V synchronous step-down DC/DC controller eliminates external surge protection devices

A high voltage non isolated synchronous step-down switching regulator controller from Linear Technology drives an all N-channel MOSFET power stage.

Accepting an input ranging from 4 to 140V, the part is designed to operate either from a high input voltage source or from an input that has high voltage surges. This, the company continues, eliminates the need for external surge suppression devices. The LTC3895 continues to operate at up to 100% duty cycle during ...

Buck converter has high current density

A 12V, 10A, 10MHz series-capacitor buck converter from Texas Instruments is said to have a current density of more than 50A/cm3, four times more than any other 12 V power management component or solution available.

Low profile AC/DC supplies

The (M)WLP225 Series of 225W low profile AC/DC products is available from Gresham Power Electronics. Design by EOS and suitable for commercial, industrial and medical applications, the (M)WLP225 Series comes in a 2 x 4 x 1in package which the supplier says is suitable for use in rack enclosures.

16bit MCU for hand held card readers

Epson is sampling the S1C17M10, a low power 16bit microcontroller with 16kbyte of flash and 4kbyte of ROM. The device is said to halve operating current while quadrupling operating speed in hand held card reader tokens.

Power management IC integrates three MOSFET stages

The XR77103 is Exar’s first universal power management IC to feature three integrated synchronous MOSFET power stages. This, says the company, results in an easy to use power management solution for a range of FPGAs, SoCs, DSPs and video processors

Accelerating adoption of wireless power in compact, low-power applications

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has introduced a wireless power reference kit claimed to make integrating wireless charging into compact electronics easy and affordable. The IDT Qi-based transmitter and receiver reference kit targets designs requiring 3W or less, such as smartwatches, headphones, health and fitness trackers and portable medical devices.

Op amp for precision apps

A low power dual op amp from Silego is said to be suited to precision consumer and industrial applications. Called the SLG88101, the part comes in a 2 x 2mm STDFN and is intended for use as a higher performance analogue front end for the company’s GPAK families.

Open frame DC/DC converters

Two open frame isolated DC/DC converter families have been unveiled by CUI. The PRD15 and PRD25 series provide 15W and 25W respectively, have a typical efficiency said to approach 91% and measure 28 x 24 x 8mm.

New package for RF power transistors

A new package platform is being rolled out across Ampleon’s LDMOS and GaN product portfolio. More than a dozen variants of the SOT502 and SOT539 platforms are said to be in development.

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