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1200W modular configurable power supply targets industrial and medical markets

Gresham Power Electronics is making available the VOX Power NEVO+1200 modular configurable power supply, said to be the smallest in its class and suitable for applications where size, weight, low standby power and primary side inhibit are key factors.

Delivering up to 1200 Watts from a 1.2kg, 6” x 6” x 1.61” package the NEVO+1200S series carries full IEC/UL60950 safety approvals and complies with EN61000 Immunity, the NEVO+1200M medically approved modular ...

µModule regulator ensures power availability under fault conditions

Linear Technology, which was recently acquired by Analog Devices, has unveiled the LTM4645, a 25A step-down µModule (power module) regulator that is able to current share multiple independent devices (N) where at least one LTM4645 is used as backup (+1) to ensure power availability if one device in this N+1 arrangement detects a fault and has to be disconnected.

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