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Power electronics in automotive applications 11/02/2014

This whitepaper presents a review of power electronics systems in electric vehicles with emphasis on the power train system. It also addresses the high temperature requirements in the power train system and the advances in power electronics to ...

FPGA based control for EV and hybrid EV power electronics 07/01/2014

This whitepaper from Altera describes the benefits of using fpga based control in a hybrid electric vehicle or electric vehicle drive system comprised of a variable voltage control or bi-directional dc/dc converter, three phase inverters and ...

Addressing the challenges of functional safety in the automotive and industrial markets 07/10/2011

Real time control of safety critical applications has been a longtime challenge for engineers.

Adapting to the extremes of rugged design 09/09/2010

Ruggedisation and reliability are key requirements for a wide range of embedded computing markets, including industrial, medical, airplane or railway applications. Reliable operation is particularly important for safety-critical applications such as ...

The real solution to fake parts 21/10/2009

The high tech supply chain is more vulnerable to counterfeit components than ever before. With increasingly sophisticated criminal, the only way to protect the supply chain is through tool, technology, and new thinking about industrial ...

14bit Single wire interface automotive magnetic rotary encoder 19/05/2009

Austriamicrosystems' AS5163 is a contactless magnetic angle position sensor for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360°.