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NI Trend Watch 2014 28/01/2014

This report from National Instruments summarises the latest trends in the technology sector, enabling engineers to meet evolving demands and integrate the ever increasing power of technology into their work.

Techniques for extending real time oscilloscope bandwidth 19/07/2013

This whitepaper compares the techniques used to extend the bandwidth performance of real time oscilloscopes, and introduces the latest innovation in this pursuit – asynchronous time interleaving.

Minimising energy consumption in inductive sensing applications 25/03/2013

This article considers a number of inductive sensing applications to give an appreciation for the technology and how these systems work.

Minimising energy consumption in resistive sensing applications 13/12/2012

This article will look at how different types of resistive sensors operate and the measurement processes involved.

Hunting noise sources in wireless embedded systems 23/09/2011

When integrating a radio chip or module into a typical embedded system, a common and often frustrating task designers face is tracking down and eliminating noise and spurious signals. Potential noise sources include switching power supplies, digital ...

Gearing up for parametric tests' high voltage future 06/04/2011

Many parametric test engineers are learning to cope with new high voltage process requirements. Not surprisingly, high voltage processes require high voltage parametric testing for process control and reliability monitoring. This whitepaper will ...

The Benefits of Using Rigorously Tested Routines from Numerical Libraries 11/03/2011

This white paper speaks to matters affecting computationally intensive new product simulations of electronic components and the mathematical and statistical methods that ultimately affect time to market. To the extent that electrical and electronics ...

Common Sense Frequency Synthesis 21/12/2010

Configuring a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) for a given frequency synthesis application can be, at the same time, both a quick and easy process as well as a time consuming, tedious, and iterative process. After determining a set of frequency synthesis ...

Coexistence Digital TV 13/10/2010

Spectrum that was previously reserved for TV broadcasting is being freed up in many countries for use under the new Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile radio standard. As a result, numerous coexistence scenarios are possible. So network operators and ...

Adapting to the extremes of rugged design 09/09/2010

Ruggedisation and reliability are key requirements for a wide range of embedded computing markets, including industrial, medical, airplane or railway applications. Reliable operation is particularly important for safety-critical applications such as ...

The impact of digital oscilloscope blind time on your measurements 01/09/2010

All digital oscilloscopes are temporarily blind. During this blind time the user will miss critical signal events at his device under test. Thus, it is necessary to understand the impact of blind time to the measurement. This application note ...

PNA microwave network analysers 23/02/2010

This white paper from Agilent Technologies looks at mixer transmission measurements using the frequency converter application.

Measuring absolute group delay of multistage converters using PNA microwave network analysers 23/02/2010

This white paper from Agilent Technologies describes new calibration and measurement techniques for measuring absolute group delay of frequency converters with multiple mixing stages.

How to identify and avoid counterfeit components 18/11/2009

This white paper from Alter Technology Group will consider what are counterfeit components, why are components counterfeited and how to identify and avoid counterfeit components.

Counterfdeit components and acoustic microscopy 18/11/2009

This white paper from Alter Technology Group considers how the encapsulants used by semiconductor manufacturers may be identified and changes or variations detected - and will look in detail at encapsulants, and the potential hazards to system ...

Combining boundary scan and JTAG emulation for advanced structural test and diagnostics 08/07/2009

Boundary scan and JTAG emulation are two perfectly complementary methods, which are fused into one extremely flexible and powerful technique for advanced structural tests by Goepel Electronic's VarioTAP technology. By combining the benefits of both ...

Boundary scan: An introduction 18/06/2009

Once considered to be something of a black art, and solely an aid to manufacturing, boundary-scan is 'coming of age' - thanks largely to the emergence of easy-to-use and highly automated tools for developing boundary-scan tests.

Evolving Semiconductor Characterisation and Parametric Test Solutions 24/03/2009

This paper from Keithley Instruments examines evolving semiconductor characterisation and parametric test solutions for the evolving semiconductor industry

Labs’ Demands for Greater Measurement Flexibility 24/03/2009

This paper, by Keithley Instruments, explains the different cabling requirements and describes a single multi measurement cabling system that offers high performance.

Using event trace to analyse real time system behaviour and maximise ARM9 throughput 17/02/2009

Real time software applications consist of multiple tasks or threads, each performing a portion of the system's workload under the management of a real time operating system (RTOS). In a real time system, a thread's priority reflects the relative ...