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The positive impact of supply chain visibility on design-to-cost 26/09/2013

Design decisions have an accumulative impact on the life cycle cost of a product. Choices made during this phase can contribute as much as 70% to the overall cost. Employing a sound design-to-cost methodology, backed with a real-time and accurate ...

FPGA-adaptive software debug and performance analysis 30/05/2013

This whitepaper outlines Altera and ARM's latest innovations in on-chip debug logic, fpgas and software debug and analysis tools.

Next Generation System Design – Platforms versus Tool-Chains 12/03/2010

This paper from Altium examines the unified design platform as a new architecture that supports multiple domains (PCB, FPGA and embedded software) and offers significant productivity improvements over tool-chains.

Risk Management for Counterfeit Materials: The Role of the COTS Board Manufacturer 30/09/2009

The proliferation of counterfeit parts and materials in the electronics industry is becoming increasingly widespread. This situation is forcing the COTS board manufacturers to develop strategies to maintain the integrity and reliability of its ...

Designing Firewall/VPN with the PowerQUICC III MPC8572E 04/06/2009

This white paper from Freescale Semiconductor is the first of a series of white papers on using the MPC8572E to design different types of security equipment including firewall/Virtual Private Network (VPN), Intrusion Detection Systems ...

Labs’ Demands for Greater Measurement Flexibility 24/03/2009

This paper, by Keithley Instruments, explains the different cabling requirements and describes a single multi measurement cabling system that offers high performance.

FPGA design security 13/03/2009

The reprogrammability of FPGAs makes them a very attractive option for system design when compared with ASICs, which have a high development cost. In this paper, Florence Beaujean, applications engineer at Lattice Semiconductor, focuses on design ...

Embedded system design considerations 10/03/2009

Embedded systems see a steadily increasing bandwidth mismatch between raw processor MIPS and surrounding components. This white paper from Xilinx examines some of the factors contributing to this.

Altium's Innovation Station 25/02/2009

An introduction to the Altium Innovation Station. It includes an overview of the Innovation Station, the role of Altium Designer and the Desktop NanoBoard, FPGA and embedded project creation, targeting a design for the Desktop NanoBoard and more.