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F-RAM vs. BBSRAM Free White Paper 04/01/2010

Ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) is among today's most advanced semiconductor memories.

Designing Application-Aware Networking Equipment with the PowerQUICC III MPC8572E 04/06/2009

Freescale's PowerQUICC families of processors have long established themselves as the premier communications processors in the market, widely used in a variety of numerous networking devices including switches, routers and network security ...

Xilinx generic flash memory interface solutions 10/03/2009

This white paper shows how a generic flash memory interface can be combined with Xilinx IP interface cores to add flash memory to Xilinx Spartan device designs. The flexible Xilinx programmable solutions presented here address three issues of ...

Altium's Innovation Station 25/02/2009

An introduction to the Altium Innovation Station. It includes an overview of the Innovation Station, the role of Altium Designer and the Desktop NanoBoard, FPGA and embedded project creation, targeting a design for the Desktop NanoBoard and more.