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Power electronics in automotive applications 11/02/2014

This whitepaper presents a review of power electronics systems in electric vehicles with emphasis on the power train system. It also addresses the high temperature requirements in the power train system and the advances in power electronics to ...

FPGA based control for EV and hybrid EV power electronics 07/01/2014

This whitepaper from Altera describes the benefits of using fpga based control in a hybrid electric vehicle or electric vehicle drive system comprised of a variable voltage control or bi-directional dc/dc converter, three phase inverters and ...

Power management ics simplify design, reduce bom cost and enhance reliability 19/08/2013

This whjitepaper presents various application scenarios where high voltage capability up to 100V is required and explains how high voltage power management integrated circuits can reduce component count, enhance reliability and facilitate design ...

Power saving techniques lead to ultra low power processors for battery operated devices 07/08/2013

Wireless telecommunications has given rise to a host of new portable applications.

Optimising operating life for led based light bulbs 02/07/2013

The replacement of incandescent lighting mandated by the largest countries around the world is powering a paradigm shift to solid state lighting. But without the right precautions the lofty promise of nearly 25 years without changing a light bulb ...

Advanced power devices for slimmer PSUs 25/06/2013

As power supplies for high volume products such as tvs and computers are required to meet ever tougher demands on form factor, efficiency and cost, power supply controllers must integrate more features in order to increase efficiency while ...

How to process high voltage input levels without losing much SNR 05/06/2013

It is often difficult to find an a/d converter that aligns with the analogue input range, but also has the appropriate number of inputs, the needed size, and the correct sample speed.

Leveraging a/d converter technology to capture data in microcontroller based embedded systems 02/05/2013

Developers continue to benefit from increased silicon integration, enabling configuration options that enhance data acquisition systems.

Efficiency standards for external power supplies 24/01/2013

OEMs who design external power supplies into their products must continue to monitor the latest regulations to ensure that they are in compliance in each region their product is sold. The goal of this article is to provide an up to date summary of ...

Understanding the real benefits of flexibility and configurability in power systems design 19/03/2012

This whitepaper looks at how an improved decision flow can help power systems designers reduce materials and production costs and save design time while developing products better aligned with customers' requirements.

Mastering power modules - The advantages over discrete solutions 12/10/2011

With the strong upsurge in the need for power electronics in applications such as solar, wind, industrial drives and UPS, system developers are becoming increasingly aware that the selection of the power devices for these often remotely-sited ...

Qualification and verification considerations for digital power supplies 18/05/2010

The introduction of digitally controlled power supplies have huge impact on the Quality Assurance process and solutions to the issues discussed in this paper will be vital to the success of digital power in the telecom and datacom markets.

Digital techniques in power conversion 18/05/2010

The concept of "digital power" has received significant attention and promotion in the past few years, from both semiconductor suppliers and power supply manufacturers. There is a need to explain the concepts of digital power; explore the advantages ...

Performance improvements for OEM system designers – a digital control case study 18/05/2010

Digital control can be used as an enabling technology to offer cost, reliability and power density improvements to the end user with no additional design effort required from the OEM system designer.

Is digital power moving forward? 18/05/2010

It is now several years since commercial products with 'added digital performance' aiming to revolutionise the power industry have been around in the marketplace. At a time when energy efficiency and power consumption are becoming more strategic ...

Intelligent energy management for improved efficiency 18/05/2010

A look at possible energy efficiency improvements brought forth by the introduction of digital control and monitoring of power supplies.

Implications of digital control and management for a high performance isolated DC/DC converter 18/05/2010

Digital control implemented in an isolated DC/DC converter provides equal or better performance compared to an analogue design. It also offers additional advantages in system energy management, improved flexibility and increased functionality.

From digital confusion to digital conversion 18/05/2010

It is now several years since commercial products with 'added digital performance' aiming to revolutionise the on-board power industry have been around in the marketplace. The debate around how such products will change the face of the world has ...

Digital DC/DC converter family integrates PMBUS connectivity 18/05/2010

Able to work with any type of power converter, PMBus is a major success story. Its simple SMBus-based two-wire hardware interface is similar to and generally compatible with I2C, while the improved signaling protocols assure greater robustness. As a ...

Digital DC/DC converter benefits in MicroTCA power modules 18/05/2010

Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture (MicroTCA) is a relatively new architectural specification for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and industrial equipment intended for relatively small, low power applications where it ...

Digital control techniques enabling power density improvements and power management capabilities 18/05/2010

Digital control can be used as an enabling technology to offer performance, value, reliability and power density improvements to the end user. A system power management interface may also be added to a BMPS without compromising cost or packaging ...

Digital Control in a MicroTCA Power System 18/05/2010

A look at the significant performance enhancements made available by using digitally controlled DC/DC converters in a MicroTCA power system.

Batteries worldwide celebrate the arrival of the world's most energy friendly microcontrollers 17/05/2010

The explosion in use of battery operated electronics is followed by the need for the battery to last longer for convenience, environmental and cost reasons. At the same time, applications become more and more complex and demand higher performance of ...

3E-Enhanced performance, Energy management and increased End-user value with digital POL regulators 17/05/2010

Ericsson Power Modules' new digital POL (point-of-load) regulators establish an innovative approach to reach the goals of end-user value, flexibility and system performance. These new power supply products contain several unique concepts and ...

3E-Enhanced performance, Energy Management and increased End-user value with digital DC/DC converters 17/05/2010

Ericsson Power Modules has recently introduced a comprehensive set of products that establish an innovative approach to the goals of end-user value, flexibility and system performance. These new products contain several unique concepts spanning ...

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