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Leveraging a/d converter technology to capture data in microcontroller based embedded systems 02/05/2013

Developers continue to benefit from increased silicon integration, enabling configuration options that enhance data acquisition systems.

Migrating ARM7 code to a Cortex-M3 mcu 29/07/2010

This white paper by Todd Hixon from Atmel covers the differences between ARM7 and Cortex-M3 cores, and the design considerations in migrating an application to an M3 mcu.

Batteries worldwide celebrate the arrival of the world's most energy friendly microcontrollers 17/05/2010

The explosion in use of battery operated electronics is followed by the need for the battery to last longer for convenience, environmental and cost reasons. At the same time, applications become more and more complex and demand higher performance of ...

System Verilog & OVM: Mitigating verification challenges and maximising resusability 10/12/2009

This white paper from Applied Micro looks at the challenge of verification – a nightmare for engineers with the increasing requirements and complexity of the design – and mitigating the complexity of a verification environment with the increasing ...

Using the Keil Microcontroller Prototyping System to develop an ARM Cortex-M class processor based system 27/05/2009

The increasing use of the ARM Cortex-M class processors in microcontrollers and embedded applications, together with the diversity of the processors within the family, requires a simple system to aid evaluation and prototyping.

High performance Spartan II 8bit microcontroller solution 10/03/2009

This paper from Xilinx shows how to use the Spartan II Family in combination with an 8bit microcontroller soft ip to effectively penetrate industrial instruments and consumer applications.