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How to accelerate multicore application development with KeyStone software 11/04/2013

This whitepaper explores how Texas Instruments' KeyStone multicore SoCs offload many software functions into hardware AccelerationPacs or other architectural elements to reduce the amount of software needed and to automate many of the more complex ...

Using Linux in medical devices: what developers and manufacturers need to know 20/11/2012

This whitepaper explores the issues that software developers and medical device manufacturers need to take into account in choosing Linux for medical devices.

High speed digital board design with Altium Designer 03/11/2011

Istvan Nagy, electronics design engineer at Blue Chip Technology, a leading UK manufacturer of industrial computer and single board computer platforms, has written an in depth tutorial on how to use Altium Designer for high speed digital board ...

Software development from a bird's eye view 08/09/2011

The white paper illustrates, by way of a practical example, how a modular software approach frees designers from such tedious and repetitive tasks as hardware implementation allowing them instead to focus on the fun part, ie designing the actual ...

Finding concurrency errors with GrammaTech static analysis 13/05/2011

This whitepaper describes common concurrency pitfalls and explains how static analysis with GrammaTech CodeSonar can help find such defects without executing the programme.

Soft Asymmetric Multiprocessing - Finding a Middle Ground between SMP and ASMP 02/11/2010

One of the first steps in embedded design is choosing a system architecture. Traditionally there have been two main options, symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and asymmetric multiprocessing (ASMP). Today those two options are being combined using ...

Adapting to the extremes of rugged design 09/09/2010

Ruggedisation and reliability are key requirements for a wide range of embedded computing markets, including industrial, medical, airplane or railway applications. Reliable operation is particularly important for safety-critical applications such as ...

Streamlining the Embedded Linux Development Process 06/09/2010

This white paper examines how using MontaVista Linux 6 helps get the most out of open source software and improves development efficiencies.

MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition 31/08/2010

Communications networks are very different from other kinds of computing applications. Networks require both very high reliability and very high performance. Not only must they process large volumes of data at high speed, but they must do so while ...

Using vfAnalyst to Understand Program Behaviour 18/05/2010

This whitepaper from Vector Fabrics describes the relationships and dependencies that exist, and will highlight them in the context of a new analysis tool called vfAnalyst that can be used to understand the behaviour of a program.

Middleware Tools Speed Time to Market for COMs-Based Embedded Design 17/05/2010

K-station Simplifies Software Development from Module to Module. Read more in this white paper from Kontron.

Software configuration management for embedded systems developers 21/10/2009

Embedded systems developers face complex versions of the problems that confront most software developers. Choosing a robust SCM system can help by enabling the management of large and complex file sets, supporting distributed development, and ...

Taking the guesswork out of timing in real time software systems 03/07/2009

This white paper explains XMOS' approach to develop a software implementation of a 100Mbps Ethernet MII interface.

Designing Firewall/VPN with the PowerQUICC III MPC8572E 04/06/2009

This white paper from Freescale Semiconductor is the first of a series of white papers on using the MPC8572E to design different types of security equipment including firewall/Virtual Private Network (VPN), Intrusion Detection Systems ...

All software life cycle phases in one tool - Blue River 19/05/2009

Software development is becoming increasingly important in all areas of engineering. The procedures in virtually every technical product are meanwhile controlled by software and the scope of this control is growing constantly. Where the scope of ...

Optimised Networking with Multicore 27/03/2009

This paper from Wind River illustrates how the networking industry will be revolutionised through the efficient integration of operating systems, network stacks, and multicore silicon.

Altium's Innovation Station 25/02/2009

An introduction to the Altium Innovation Station. It includes an overview of the Innovation Station, the role of Altium Designer and the Desktop NanoBoard, FPGA and embedded project creation, targeting a design for the Desktop NanoBoard and more.

Two approaches to RTOS interrupt architectures - unified and segmented 17/02/2009

Express Logic white paper describing two approaches to RTOS interrupt architectures - unified and segmented

Major trends in embedded software 17/02/2009

Express Logic whitepaper on major trends in embedded software

Using event trace to analyse real time system behaviour and maximise ARM9 throughput 17/02/2009

Real time software applications consist of multiple tasks or threads, each performing a portion of the system's workload under the management of a real time operating system (RTOS). In a real time system, a thread's priority reflects the relative ...

Eclipse-based embedded IDE combines best of proprietary and do it yourself worlds 17/02/2009

Software development tools for embedded systems have evolved in an interesting direction. In this paper, the evolution of embedded development tools offerings is tracked, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. You can then see ...

Express Logic and Ball Aerospace team up to provide embedded real time software for NASA's 'Deep Impact' space mission. 17/02/2009

On January 12, 2005, NASA, working with the engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the University of Maryland, launched Deep Impact’s two piece space probe with the intention of hitting Tempel 1—a comet 80 million miles away. To ...