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Latest Whitepapers

Minimising energy consumption in inductive sensing applications 25/03/2013

This article considers a number of inductive sensing applications to give an appreciation for the technology and how these systems work.

Real time challenges and opportunities in SoCs 21/03/2013

This whitepaper explores an advanced motor drive or inverter application to illustrate how silicon convergence affects real time design.

Mobile OS architecture trends 08/03/2013

In this whitepaper, Intel describes its investigations in the trends of mobile OS architecture over the next decade by focusing on the major commonalities.

Putting fpgas to work in software radio systems 04/03/2013

This whitepaper introduces the basics of fpga technology and its relationship to software defined radio systems.

White space – potentials and realities 14/02/2013

This white paper highlights the exciting new potential of white space.

Efficiency standards for external power supplies 24/01/2013

OEMs who design external power supplies into their products must continue to monitor the latest regulations to ensure that they are in compliance in each region their product is sold. The goal of this article is to provide an up to date summary of ...

A better way to cloud 18/01/2013

This whitepaper explores the factors around the shifts in cloud computing, and highlights the differences between traditional cloud computing and cloud computing based on embedded processing.

Minimising energy consumption in resistive sensing applications 13/12/2012

This article will look at how different types of resistive sensors operate and the measurement processes involved.

Using Linux in medical devices: what developers and manufacturers need to know 20/11/2012

This whitepaper explores the issues that software developers and medical device manufacturers need to take into account in choosing Linux for medical devices.

Five steps to improving security in embedded systems 20/11/2012

This whitepaper outlines five steps for building additional security assurance into embedded devices by considering the whole product lifecycle - from design and inception, through development and testing, to delivery and maintenance.

Minimising energy consumption in capacitive sensing applications 29/10/2012

This whitepaper looks at a number of capacitive sensing applications to understand how they operate and the benefits they offer over alternative solutions.

Vault driven electronics design 23/10/2012

Using Altium Designer, Altium Vault Technology and a methodology that uses a vault centric approach to electronics design, you are able to design in a controlled way without loss of design freedom, with the assurance that you are using design ...

Fundamentals of signal integrity analysis 23/07/2012

New to signal integrity analysis, or just need to brush up on the fundamentals? If so, this white paper is aimed at you. This white paper starts at the very basic, actually before the fundamentals, answering the question "What do I need to know?" ...

Advanced PCB Techniques: How to Use the Latest Technologies 23/07/2012

As PCB designers get creative to continually amaze, the new techniques are disruptive to traditional PCB design and fabrication unless done well. This extra effort to make ever faster or thinner electronics is rewarded in dollars, as Apple has shown ...

Advanced PCB Techniques: How to Use the Latest Technologies 19/07/2012

Extra effort to make faster electronics is rewarded in dollars, as Apple has shown in their designs. Here we will review the advanced PCB techniques of 3D packaging, HDI, and embedded actives, find a common thread to design challenges, and then ...

Peak performance on demand 06/07/2012

This whitepaper from congatec looks at the the third generation of Intel Core processors, which not only shrink the manufacturing process from 32 to 22nm, but also use a new technology with 3d tri gate transistors.

Understanding the real benefits of flexibility and configurability in power systems design 19/03/2012

This whitepaper looks at how an improved decision flow can help power systems designers reduce materials and production costs and save design time while developing products better aligned with customers' requirements.

Connecting Peripherals to an Android Platform 01/03/2012

This white paper from FTDI Chip will describe some of the options for connecting peripheral accessories to Android OS based tablets/phones. The main focus will be the use of the Android Open Accessory Initiative.

Upgrade analogue surveillance with hd and analytics 02/12/2011

This whitepaper from Nexcom/Intel discusses the move away from analogue surveillance systems towards platforms that support hd quality images and video analytics – hence the rise of the hybrid network video recorder.

Oryx board - ultra low power reference design for mobile applications 04/11/2011

The ORYX Board is an ultra low power reference design Sharp Microelectronics has developed in cooperation with Arrow Electronics.

High speed digital board design with Altium Designer 03/11/2011

Istvan Nagy, electronics design engineer at Blue Chip Technology, a leading UK manufacturer of industrial computer and single board computer platforms, has written an in depth tutorial on how to use Altium Designer for high speed digital board ...

Survey of analogue design challenges in Gm-C integrator 03/11/2011

Sami ur Rehman, research associate, Analog Mixed Signal Group at NUST-SEECS looks at rf microelectronics.

Mastering power modules - The advantages over discrete solutions 12/10/2011

With the strong upsurge in the need for power electronics in applications such as solar, wind, industrial drives and UPS, system developers are becoming increasingly aware that the selection of the power devices for these often remotely-sited ...

Addressing the challenges of functional safety in the automotive and industrial markets 07/10/2011

Real time control of safety critical applications has been a longtime challenge for engineers.

Hunting noise sources in wireless embedded systems 23/09/2011

When integrating a radio chip or module into a typical embedded system, a common and often frustrating task designers face is tracking down and eliminating noise and spurious signals. Potential noise sources include switching power supplies, digital ...

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