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The positive impact of supply chain visibility on design-to-cost

Design decisions have an accumulative impact on the life cycle cost of a product. Choices made during this phase can contribute as much as 70% to the overall cost. Employing a sound design-to-cost methodology, backed with a real-time and accurate view of cost implications, empowers design teams to initiate preventive action that avoids costly supply chain surprises downstream.

Optimising operating life for led based light bulbs

The replacement of incandescent lighting mandated by the largest countries around the world is powering a paradigm shift to solid state lighting. But without the right precautions the lofty promise of nearly 25 years without changing a light bulb may fall short.

Advanced power devices for slimmer PSUs

As power supplies for high volume products such as tvs and computers are required to meet ever tougher demands on form factor, efficiency and cost, power supply controllers must integrate more features in order to increase efficiency while minimising component count, pcb size, complexity and bom costs.

Unleashing BeagleBone Black

This whitepaper from Texas Instruments tells you how to make the most of BeagleBone Black, a credit card sized device powered by an ARM Cortex-A8 based TI Sitara AM335x processor running at 1GHz.

Mobile OS architecture trends

In this whitepaper, Intel describes its investigations in the trends of mobile OS architecture over the next decade by focusing on the major commonalities.

Efficiency standards for external power supplies

OEMs who design external power supplies into their products must continue to monitor the latest regulations to ensure that they are in compliance in each region their product is sold. The goal of this article is to provide an up to date summary of the most current regulations worldwide.

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