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Latest Whitepapers

How to patent a product 13/02/2014

This whitepaper from Newbury Electronics is intended to give the reader an overview of the journey from idea to granted patent. Click on the link below to download.

Power electronics in automotive applications 11/02/2014

This whitepaper presents a review of power electronics systems in electric vehicles with emphasis on the power train system. It also addresses the high temperature requirements in the power train system and the advances in power electronics to ...

NI Trend Watch 2014 28/01/2014

This report from National Instruments summarises the latest trends in the technology sector, enabling engineers to meet evolving demands and integrate the ever increasing power of technology into their work.

Security in the Internet of Things 17/01/2014

Although it has been with us in some form and under different names for many years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is suddenly the thing. The ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage an incalculable number of networked, automated ...

FPGA based control for EV and hybrid EV power electronics 07/01/2014

This whitepaper from Altera describes the benefits of using fpga based control in a hybrid electric vehicle or electric vehicle drive system comprised of a variable voltage control or bi-directional dc/dc converter, three phase inverters and ...

Efficient remote management for embedded platforms 16/12/2013

Out of Band (OOB) remote management can help to optimise the total cost of ownership of distributed embedded platforms. However, existing implementations are over designed and therefore too costly for embedded systems applications. Now, AMD has ...

Golden rules for first time success in rigid-flex 04/12/2013

Designing for rigid flex presents a number of challenges to electronic and mechanical design teams. This whitepaper from Altium lays out some of the golden rules for successful rigid-flex pcb design.
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Seeing the world with the latest display technology 07/10/2013

Video wall technology is changing the industrial landscape and the way we see and react to the world.

The positive impact of supply chain visibility on design-to-cost 26/09/2013

Design decisions have an accumulative impact on the life cycle cost of a product. Choices made during this phase can contribute as much as 70% to the overall cost. Employing a sound design-to-cost methodology, backed with a real-time and accurate ...

4th gen Intel Core processors for embedded systems 12/09/2013

This whitepaper from congatec will outline the benefits to embedded designers from the roll out of Intel's 4th Generation Core processors (codenamed Haswell).

Advantages of using fpgas in precision inverter modules 03/09/2013

Using the example of an integrated servo drive developed for a specific application, this whitepaper will show how the specific advantages of fpgas enabled maximum demands on regulation accuracy.

Power management ics simplify design, reduce bom cost and enhance reliability 19/08/2013

This whjitepaper presents various application scenarios where high voltage capability up to 100V is required and explains how high voltage power management integrated circuits can reduce component count, enhance reliability and facilitate design ...

Power saving techniques lead to ultra low power processors for battery operated devices 07/08/2013

Wireless telecommunications has given rise to a host of new portable applications.

User customisable ARM based SoCs for next gen embedded systems 29/07/2013

This whitepaper discusses Altera's programmable SoC approach to ARM based embedded system implementation. The single chip approach can be of particular value to embedded systems developers facing stringent time to market, cost, performance, design ...

Techniques for extending real time oscilloscope bandwidth 19/07/2013

This whitepaper compares the techniques used to extend the bandwidth performance of real time oscilloscopes, and introduces the latest innovation in this pursuit – asynchronous time interleaving.

Optimising operating life for led based light bulbs 02/07/2013

The replacement of incandescent lighting mandated by the largest countries around the world is powering a paradigm shift to solid state lighting. But without the right precautions the lofty promise of nearly 25 years without changing a light bulb ...

Advanced power devices for slimmer PSUs 25/06/2013

As power supplies for high volume products such as tvs and computers are required to meet ever tougher demands on form factor, efficiency and cost, power supply controllers must integrate more features in order to increase efficiency while ...

How to process high voltage input levels without losing much SNR 05/06/2013

It is often difficult to find an a/d converter that aligns with the analogue input range, but also has the appropriate number of inputs, the needed size, and the correct sample speed.

FPGA-adaptive software debug and performance analysis 30/05/2013

This whitepaper outlines Altera and ARM's latest innovations in on-chip debug logic, fpgas and software debug and analysis tools.

Unleashing BeagleBone Black 14/05/2013

This whitepaper from Texas Instruments tells you how to make the most of BeagleBone Black, a credit card sized device powered by an ARM Cortex-A8 based TI Sitara AM335x processor running at 1GHz.

Full COM Express product range based on Intel Core processors 08/05/2013

This whitepaper details congatec's new COM Express product range based on 3rd generation Intel Core processors.

Leveraging a/d converter technology to capture data in microcontroller based embedded systems 02/05/2013

Developers continue to benefit from increased silicon integration, enabling configuration options that enhance data acquisition systems.

Developing safety critical applications that meet IEC 61508 standards 17/04/2013

This whitepaper will first provide an overview of numerous safety standards with particular focus on the IEC 61508 Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems.

How to accelerate multicore application development with KeyStone software 11/04/2013

This whitepaper explores how Texas Instruments' KeyStone multicore SoCs offload many software functions into hardware AccelerationPacs or other architectural elements to reduce the amount of software needed and to automate many of the more complex ...

Adding class D audio to embedded systems in an unconventional way 28/03/2013

This whitepaper from SiLabs tells you how to add class D audio to embedded systems.

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