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FRAM based MSP430FR69x microcontrollers

Push the limits of your system with MSP430FR6x FRAM microcontrollers. Featuring expanded memory and more integration in the form of a 320 segment LCD driver and an Extended Scan Interface (ESI), these devices are targeted at a mixture of applications from wearable electronics to flow metering.

FRAM MCU overview - MSP430FR5969

A new era in ultra low power Microcontrollers: MSP430FR5969 MCU overview learn more about the all new MSP430 ultra low leakage MCUs with embedded FRAM. This video will provide an overview of TI's FRAM portfolio as well as highlight EnergyTrace technology for real time power profiling.

Freescale launches Kinetis mini mcu family

Freescale is extending its Kinetis portfolio of microcontrollers to include Kinetis mini mcus. The devices, it says, meet the needs of today's embedded designers and enable the future needs of the Internet of Things (IoT).a

InstaSPIN-FOC in action at e-Traction

e-Traction specialises in electric road mobility, providing electric motor and drive solutions for a variety of specialized vehicles, such as busses, refuse trucks and passenger cars with a goal to increase efficiency of electric drivetrains in order to reduce CO2 emissions, noise levels, pollution and the dependence on fossil fuels.

Hercules tutorial: MibSPI overview

This 'how to' tutorial video highlights the MibSPI module that is integrated into many Hercules Safety mcus. It walks the viewer through an overview of the module and shows how to create initialisation code along with a customized peripheral driver using HALCoGen. Then it shows how to write loopback code in Code Composer Studio and run it on a Hercules Development Kit.

Hercules how to tutorial: force a clock monitor failure

This 'how to tutorial' video highlights the clock monitoring circuitry integrated into many Hercules safety mcus. It walks the viewer through an overview of the module and shows how to create initialisation code for the Error Signaling Module (ESM) and the clock monitor using HALCoGen. Code Composer Studio is then used to create and deploy a project using the ESM and clock monitor on a Hercules USB Development Stick Kit that can be used to illustrate the behavior of the mcu when the signal from the external crystal is disrupted.

LM48901 Spatial Audio Overview

Eric shows how TI's LM48901 spatial audio array IC delivers an immersive 3D audio experience in space-constrained systems and demonstrates how easy it is to program the LM48901.

Piccolo Microcontrollers for Digital LED Lighting Control

LEDs promise to bring more efficiency, lower cost, and more features. Digital LED control will help achieve these goals by adding more intelligence to the system. With one Piccolo microcontroller, advanced features such as power line communication, precise dimming, color mixing, and fault detection can be implemented in an LED lighting system. This session will cover the basics of LED lighting, explain how digital control can be implemented, and look at the development tools TI offers to kick start LED designs.

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