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DDR Memory Termination and Power Supplies Solutions

In the third video of our Power Solution series, product marketing engineer for TI's Computing Power Products, Jim Aliberti discusses DDR Memory Termination and Power Supplies found in several applications including, desktop computers, tablets, set-top boxes, printers and much more.

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Available for Embedded Designs

Have questions about using Gingerbread for your embedded design? This video provides an overview of TI's software development kit supporting Android 2.3 - Gingerbread. Learn about key features in the SDK and the types of solutions you can develop using the ARM Cortex-A8.

Revolutionary advancements in memory performance

Micron has announced an entirely new category of memory technology. See how the Hybrid Memory Cube - using a high speed logic layer combined with a stack of through silicon via bonded memory die - enables higher performance and low power consumption.

PCM puzzle swap demo

This demo will show how PCM's overwrite capability can optimize your subsystem, improve performance time and simplify the software structure.

PCM video camera demo

This demo will show how PCM's non volatility, high endurance, fast program performance and overwrite capability can consolidate multiple memory types in a digital video camera application.

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