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How to simplify your led lighting lamp designs

TI marketing engineer, John Perry discusses how the new TPS92411 Floating Switch for Offline AC Linear Direct Drive of LEDs can be used to simplify your LED lamp design by eliminating the need for inductors or transformers, allowing for a lower BOM cost and smaller solution size.

Innovative thermal management technology from Cambridge Nanotherm

Cambridge Nanotherm's innovative substrate technology uses a patented nano-ceramic coating process to create a dielectric layer on the surface of an Aluminium substrate. A subsequent metallisation layer, formed on the surface of the dielectric, creates a circuit layer for the interconnection of electronic devices.

Researchers make advance towards flexible electronics

Polyurethane studded with gold nanoparticles can conduct electricity even when stretched, Michigan engineers have discovered. The breakthrough is expected to pave the way for flexible electronics and advanced medical devices. To find out more, click here.

See RIM playbook at MWC: wildcard demo

This RIM playbook demo at Mobile World Congress 2011 shows the capabilities of the platform's stereoscopic 3D (S3D) rendering on DPU and multi-touch. The OMAP4430 processor-powered RIM PlayBook is used to drive a S3D UI with video calls in high definition.

Ben Heck outfits jeep with cameras to help raise awareness for rare ALD disease

In this latest edition of The Ben Heck Show, Ben takes a 5,000 mile cross country journey dedicated to raising awareness of Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a childhood terminal disease affecting 1 in 18,000 boys. Golden asks Heck to outfit his Jeep Wrangler Safari with front and back cameras and an internal lcd monitoring system to help his team document its overland travels.

Training: Achieving 720p encode/decode performance by leveraging the ARM Cortex A8 and the IVA2.2

TI OMAP3xxx class of devices were originally designed with D-1 class of video codecs as the target that would run on the IVA2.2. However, the device has a very powerful ARM Cortex A8 with NEON co-processor in addition to the IVA2.2. To extend the capability of the device, Ittiam has come up with a heterogeneous multi-core implementation of multiple video encoders and decoders that utilise both the Cortex and the IVA2.2 to achieve 720p resolution performance. This presentation will cover an overview of the high-level software architecture for a video decoder and a video encoder. It will also highlight the ability of this design to transfer as much of the processing to the IVA2.2 as the device clocking gets higher so that a single design cover from the low-end OMAP3530 devices to the high-end OMAP37xx devices. The challenges with such design and the advantages and side-effects would be presented.

Training: Save Energy with LED Lighting and Intelligent Sensing

Main benefit of LEDs is that you can save energy by dimming the light. So what about an intelligent light which is aware of its environment and communicates to other lights on the need for illumination? From simple temperature measurement, ambient light and occupancy sensing using TI MCUs and DSPs to wired and wireless communication protocols TI's software and hardware solutions help to design Intelligent Lighting.


Jeff Perry, senior manager, WEBENCH Team, walks us through National Semiconductor's WEBENCH LED Architect online design tool.

AM37x Sitara EVM Demonstration

See the AM37x Sitara 1GHz processor in action, exploring some of the key features of the AM37x EVM including its new graphical user interface and 3D graphics demonstration.

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