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Innovation whiteboard - Autonomous everything

In the latest TI Innovation Whiteboard video, Dr Kristen Parrish and artist Brent Johnson explain the technology behind autonomous vehicles and the breakthrough innovations that will soon allow cars to drive by themselves.

LTE throughput measurements made easy

The MD8475A signalling tester is an all-in-one base station simulator supporting all the latest wireless standards. It provides service and call-processing tests for multimode LTE smartphones and mobiles with excellent cost-performance.

Accurate fuel gauges for any portable electronic device

Impedance Track fuel gauges provide precise battery monitoring under all conditions to accurately report battery capacity for consumers. Ivo highlights the benefits of TI's Impedance Track gauges and demonstrates the quick configuration options for the bq27421 system-side fuel gauge.

TrueTouch intro to Gen5

This short video provides an overview of Cypress's newest touchscreen controller, Gen5, which features 40Vpp noise immunity and 'best in class' waterproofing.

Bluetooth Smart Remote Control introduction

Available now is the new Bluetooth Smart Remote Control kit which provides a reference platform for Bluetooth Smart remote control application development. It is based on TI's industry leading CC2541 Bluetooth low energy device and contains the hardware and tools required for evaluating, developing, testing, and debugging remote control applications.

TI’s CC256x Bluetooth keyfob applications

Learn how to use a dual-mode keyfob application using TI's CC2564 Bluetooth solution. This demonstration will show TI's CC2564 dual-mode Bluetooth device with QFN package simultaneously connecting to an iOS device through Bluetooth low energy and an Android device via classic Bluetooth.

A better way to cloud: 66AK2Hx and AM5K2Ex KeyStone SoCs

This video provides an overview of TI's new KeyStone SoCs, offering exceptional capacity and performance at significantly reduced power for high performance computing, networking, gaming and media processing applications. With an unmatched combination of ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processors, TMS320C66x dcp cores, packet processing, security processing and Ethernet switching, TI is transforming the real time cloud into an optimised high performance, power efficient processing platform.

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