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DLP technology enables fast accurate 3D scanning & printing

DLP technology enables fast and accurate 3D scans using structured light for industrial, medial and security applications. Fast, programmable pattern rates acquire 3D scan data in real time delivering high quality, high bit depth patterns for accurate scans with resolutions as low as a few micros. With the DLP 0.3 WVGA chipset, you can develop handheld, protable systems. DLP technology also enables fast, accurate and reliable 3D printers for a wide aray of applications.

Single Chip Drive

This video features a highly integrated drive solution that supports advanced motor control including position feedback and various fieldbus communication options on a single chip – the upcoming Sitara AM4x processors.

How DLP technology works

Video explaining DLP technology, including how a digital micromirror device (DMD) works, and its capability for the developer to create products for applications such as 3D measurement, machine vision, 3D scanning, spectroscopy, chemical analysis, wavelength analysis, 3D printing, interactive display, intelligent lighting and more.

Why Choose DLP Technology for Spectroscopy?

The powerful and programmable design of the new DLP NIRscan architecture enables analysis of liquids and solids with higher performance at lower price points while using a smaller form factor suited for both field analysis and inline manufacturing processes.

Flexible Two Chip Wireless Backhaul Solution

As the mandate for capacity continues to skyrocket, networks carrying yottabits of traffic will become a reality in the not too distant future. To achieve this kind of capacity operators have begun deploying small cell wireless base stations, yet the wireless backhaul portion of the solution is well recognized as a challenge due to operators' rigorous demands on efficiency, range and performance.

TI SPS IPC Drives Video Tour Now Available!

The demo showcases a wireless NFC temperature sensor with connectivity gateway leveraging TI analogue, wireless and embedded processing solutions to contribute to Industry 4.0. The sensor is contactless powered through NFC. The connectivity gateway enables access to the sensor for configuration and maintenance through a remote web interface and data storage to the cloud.

Class 0.1 Metering System-On-Chip Evaluation Boards

Discover TI's Class 0.1, metering System-On-Chip Evaluation Boards: High-accuracy devices targeting utility metering; Single and poly phase electricity measurements used for calibration and anti-tampering; Featuring MSP430F6736 and MSP430F6779.

Modular Smart Meter Evaluation System

See how this Smart Meter Board demonstrates TI's portfolio of smart meter solutions on one platform: For single- to poly- phase smart meter evaluation systems, this board shows TI's full range of expertise; performs energy metering and transfers data via PLC or wirelessly; hardware features: 1-phase and 3-phase metrology, supports Cortex-M to Cortex-A8 processors, integrated LCD screen; software features: fully customisable software solution, PC based GUI and TI smart grid libraries.

Three-phase motor control – a walk in the park!

Check out why InstaSPIN–FOC by Texas Instruments is the ideal sensorless, complete solution for spinning your motor. Easy to use, inexpensive, high performance, and sustainable! You can identify, tune and fully control through variable speeds and loads, any type of three-phase, synchronous or asynchronous motor in five minutes or less!

Innovations in Motor Diagnostics

Texas Instruments Innovator Tim Adcock explains in the latest whiteboard video series how TI sensor technology can identify and solve motor fault diagnostic problems before they start.

Electronics that dissolve on command

Researchers at Iowa State University have created transient electronics that can dissolve on demand. They say the technology could be used in mobile phones and credit cards as anti-theft devices, as well as in military.

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