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DLP technology enables 3D printing for customer EnvisionTEC

Using state of the art DLP technology coupled with LED performance, EnvisionTEC 3D printers allow access to top quality professional grade prototyping that can produce highly detailed physical 3D duplications of projects that have been created in a CAD environment or downloaded from design files on the internet.

Keynote photonics speeds development with DLP technology

Keynote Photonics provides its customers superior solutions that unlock DLP technology to uniquely execute system design. The Keynote team consists of senior technical staff with a combined experience over 150 years and 20 related patents who are experts in system firmware, development systems, projection systems and custom FPGA and formatter designs and work with world-class manufactures to support production plans.

The most interesting engineer in the world

He can boost bucks, follows Ben Franklin's high-voltage testing practices, and makes the most demanding clients swoon over his designs. See why the world's most interesting engineer prefers SIMPLE SWITCHER.

Guide to engineering ADAS radar

The 4-channel AFE5401-Q1 is designed for the next generation of automotive radar applications where space constraints and increasing radar performance are driving a need for greater bandwidth, high integration and low power.

FRAM based MSP430FR69x microcontrollers

Push the limits of your system with MSP430FR6x FRAM microcontrollers. Featuring expanded memory and more integration in the form of a 320 segment LCD driver and an Extended Scan Interface (ESI), these devices are targeted at a mixture of applications from wearable electronics to flow metering.

Automotive camera module reference design

This reference design is a high speed serial video interface to connect a remote automotive camera module to a display or machine vision processing system. It uses TIs FPD-Link III SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed MegaPixel video data, bidirectional control signals and power either over shielded twisted pair or coax cable.

Innovation whiteboard - Autonomous everything

In the latest TI Innovation Whiteboard video, Dr Kristen Parrish and artist Brent Johnson explain the technology behind autonomous vehicles and the breakthrough innovations that will soon allow cars to drive by themselves.

Getting started with EnergyTrace technology

Learn about TI's new EnergyTrace technology that offers current monitoring on all MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs). On select devices, such as the MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69, this power profiling is taken even further with EnergyTrace++ technology that adds CPU and peripheral state information.

Unboxing the MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad

Ready to start evaluation of the MSP430FR5969? The MSP-EXP430FR5959 LaunchPad development kit is the perfect platform. Leveraging the hardware and software ecosystem surrounding LaunchPad, you can get started in minutes for under $25.

Make the most out of motor control

Motor control can be a difficult thing to master for any designer. Learn how to simplify and speed up motor control development in this session covering new, easy to use InstaSPIN-MOTION for sensored and sensorless FOC torque and speed control.

FRAM MCU overview - MSP430FR5969

A new era in ultra low power Microcontrollers: MSP430FR5969 MCU overview learn more about the all new MSP430 ultra low leakage MCUs with embedded FRAM. This video will provide an overview of TI's FRAM portfolio as well as highlight EnergyTrace technology for real time power profiling.

Altium design secret 24: Adding an ODBC based company parts database to the supply chain

For organisations with a system already in place for managing part procurement (ERP, MRP, etc.), it's hugely beneficial to integrate that database into Altium Designer's Supplier Link system. This video shows how, using an ODBC connection, users can connect directly to a company parts database and seamlessly integrate that data into their Supply Chain. An Altium Vault Server is used to manage the connection, allowing true centralized Supply Chain management.

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