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DLP LightCrafter Display 2010 evaluation module

The new DLP LightCrafter Display 2010 evaluation module allows developers to quickly assess TI's smallest, brightest and most efficient video and data display chipset — the DLP Pico 0.2" TRP WVGA chipset, featuring DLP IntelliBright technology for optimal brightness and power efficiency.

Wintech helps speed development with DLP technology

Wintech's expertise in both DLP and DSP electronics design has led to a full line of DLP Discovery products, including the low cost W4100 Developer's Kit, the SDK4100 and the high speed NSP PCIe Discovery interface. Wintech also offers custom electronic and optical design around the LightCrafter and LightCommander platforms. Located in both China and the US, Wintech is your ideal prototype partner and high volume manufacturer.

ViaLUX helps speed development with DLP technology

Based on 10 years of experience, ViALUX engineers have enabled customers to integrate DLP technology into industrial, medical and commercial applications. ViALUX provides sustained support in all design phases, from proof of concept for new emerging applications up to OEM supply on production level. Products and services include DLP development kit support, ALP controllers, DLP production board design, high power LED modules, and customised solutions.

Meet the new Internet: Embedded Wi-Fi for the IoT

The next generation of embedded Wi-Fi is here with TI's SimpleLink Wi-Fi Internet-on-a-chip solutions. The CC3100 and CC3200 platforms can be battery-powered and help get more home, industrial and consumer devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The possibilities are for you to imagine and connect more anywhere, anything, anyone. What will you connect?

Forget the battery with NFC and MSP430 FRAM MCUs

By combining the MSP430 FRAM MCU with the RF430CL330H dynamic NFC transponder, the field generated from a mobile phone is all that's needed to power up the system, let it collect data, and send that data back to the phone. What's more, at just 25 x 25mm and being fully programmable, this reference design is extremely flexible.

A first look at the new Raspberry Pi Model B+

Element14 takes a look at the new Raspberry Pi Model B+. The board features upgraded power management and connectivity. Up to 1.2A can now be delivered to the USB ports to support up to four devices, whilst a 40pin extended GPIO socket enables more sensors, connectors and expansion boards to be added.

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