Test & Measurement

Test and measurement equipment underpins the product design process, enabling engineers to verify their design is working in the way they want. If not, these essential devices help them to find out where the problems lie.

In this section, New Electronics keeps design engineers up to date with the Test and Measurement market, bringing a range of information about the products and their application.

Modular instrumentation set to meet new test challenges

The world of test and measurement is changing; slowly for some, but at a rapid clip for other users. This change is seeing users moving away from traditional instrumentation in favour of modular devices. It is, in the opinion of some companies, the end of the so called 'rack and stack' era – and it's all being driven by the benefits derived from Moore's Law.

How in the loop testing aids embedded system validation

Embedded systems software can provide competitive advantage. For a vehicle, software can make a comfortable ride even more appealing; it can also reduce cabin noise or fuel consumption. Some of this functionality could, potentially, be implemented in hardware, but that would increase manufacturing cost and product price. Software also enables reuse and can be updated more frequently to satisfy user needs.

Analyse this

Given the state of the economy and tightening budgets, purchasing the right piece of communications test equipment can become a highly strategic decision.

Test gets real

System test complexity is increasing. An obvious statement, perhaps, but the fact is that, as products become more complex and time to market pressures increase, making sure the product does what it says on the label is paramount.

Testing times?

There is probably no market sector immune from the need to provide more and more features in a product at ever decreasing prices. And embedded test and measurement is following this trend.

Testing times for LTE

It's widely acknowledged that Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the inevitable next step in radio communications and should be available commercially in 2010. That means test issues need to be addressed sooner, rather than later.

Maximising memory

When is an oscilloscope not an oscilloscope? When it becomes a combination of a vector signal analyser, spectrum analyser and digital oscilloscope.

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