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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Displays & Optoelectronics sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

12.1” Wide Format Ultra Bright LCD Module - Ideal for Use Outdoors

Now available from Review-Displays is the New Tianma NL12880BC20-07F super high bright (1500cd/m2) wide screen TFT panel with replaceable LED backlight. Utilising Tianma’s proprietary colour reproduction technology, ColorXcell, vivid colour reproduction of images is enabled without increasing power consumption.

Supporting engineers for 80 years

At RS, we’ve been supporting the imagination of engineers for 80 years, bringing innovative products that inspire new solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. As a distributor, we have strived to be innovative, adapting to change, both in terms of the products we supply and the way in which these are presented and delivered.

High Power, Low-Cost LEDs from Cree

Cree XLamp® XHP70.2 Extreme High Power LEDs deliver high lumen density, reliability, and color consistency to reduce system costs. XHP70.2 LEDs improve the brightness, voltage characteristics, and optical performance of the XHP70 LED in the same 7.0mm x 7.0mm package by utilizing Cree’s Extreme High Power LED technology.

Great Viewing Angles and Ideal for Use Outdoors - The NL192108BC18-06F 15.6” Full HD TFT Display

A full HD Super fine TFT (IPS) display, the NL192108BC18-06F has ultra-high luminance of 1500cd/m2 and an anti-glare surface. The ultra-high luminance results in vivid colours and excellent viewing even in environments of intense light which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. The wide temperature range of -30 to + 85°C guarantees stable performance even under harsh conditions.

Striving for the perfect monochrome display

There is a definite rise in the use of PMOLED as a replacement for FSTN Character and Low Resolution Graphics Modules. The appearance and performance of PMOLED modules are two compelling reasons to switch, and as volumes have grown prices have come down dramatically. Why not visit andersDX on Stand G30 at EDS to see for yourself.

Visit RDS the Display Specialists at EDS on stand F6

RDS, the Display Specialists, will be showing a range Display Modules, Touch Screens and embedded systems at EDS on Stand No. F6. Included will be three new panels from Tianma, a 15” 1600cd/m2 XGA unit with LVDS, a 15.6” 1500 cd/m2 Full HD unit with eDP and an 18.5” full HD unit. All the new panels have good readability even in strong sunlight and are ideal for industrial applications.

Two Great Value TFT Panels

Now available from Review Display Systems is a 5.7” and 7” TFT panels from Solomon Goldentek. The 7” TFT is a wide 1024 x 560 panel with an LVDS interface. It is sunlight readable at 1000cd/m2 brightness. The 5.7” panel is 640 x 480 with 900cd/m2 brightness and comes with a TTL or LVDS interface designed for outdoor use. There are also versions with a 4-wire resistive touch panel or a capacitive touch.

12.1” TFT LCD with ultra-long life LED Technology built in

Now available from RDS is the NL12880AC20-14D which is a 12.1” WXGA TFT Display by NLT. With an ultra-long-life LED backlight of 100,000 hours this display offers a long production life making it ideal for industrial use. Composed of an amorphous silicon thin film transistor liquid crystal display structure, this panel utilises NLT’s proprietary technology, ColourXcell, enabling colour intensity comparable to original source.

AMOLED or TFT: a new choice for industrial display designers

AMOLED is an increasingly viable option for industrial displays as this technology is now offered at much more realistic MoQs. But how do you decide whether this new kid on the block is a good choice for your project or if you’re better off staying with the tried and trusted TFT.

G-WIN Slim IP65 Panel PC with P-CAP Technology and True-Flat Screens from Pacer

The elegantly designed, yet rugged, industrial grade G-WIN S65 series is designed for usability, with brilliant true-flat screens offering superior readability and Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch (P-CAP) technology. Available from Pacer in 7”, 10.1”, 12.1” and 15” options, this cost effective slimline Panel PC series offers a choice of OS, as well as High Bright options for outdoor use. Fanless cooling system design means the G65 series has very low power consumption.

Affordable, sunlight readable displays with ‘Moth-eye’ Technology

With a definite shift in the use of displays in outdoor environments, manufacturers are looking for cost effective ways of ensuring the display on their product is easily readable - whatever the environment. This is possible with a range of new, affordable displays from andersDX which have a 'moth-eye' surface treatment enabling the displays to be read at wide viewing angles in bright sunlight conditions.

Ultra-Bright 15” TFT LCD Colour Display - Ideal for Industrial Applications

Available from RDS is the NL10276AC30-52C colour TFT LCD module from Tianma/NLT. This high quality 15-inch display features an ultra-bright 1600cd/m2 display, XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and a built-in LED driver. The wide viewing angles (160°v / 160°h) along with wide operating temperatures (-30 to + 60oC) and an LVDS interface make this panel ideal for industrial, marine and outdoor applications.

AAEON’s ultra-slim, fanless multi-touch panel PC

RDS is pleased to announce the new ACP-1074 panel PC from AAEON. Featuring a stylish aluminium panel measuring 196x13x37mm (7” screen with 10mm thick bezel), a 7H anti-scratch glass and IP65 water and dust resistance. The ACP-1074 has Atom N2807 or Celeron J1900 processors that ensures high quality graphics and Dynamic Frequency scaling to match performance and power consumption.

Small to Medium size TFT LCD modules

Crystal -Tech Electronics offers a full range of industrial and consumer grade TFT panels from 1.44 inch to 12.1 inch diagonal, manufactured by Yeebo Display Ltd. They are suitable for many applications from medical to industrial process control as well as from EPOS to home automation equipment.


How much processing power can you squeeze into 8 Grams and 36 x 40mm? How about a IMX7 single or dual core processor with 4GB eMMC on board storage, 2GB of DDR3 RAM supporting both Android and Linux, Gigabit and wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth and a host of other IO options. The New PICO-IMX7-eMMC from TechNexion is the ultimate for low power, size and performance. Find out more….

The world's first FREE 3D-MID design software

Beta LAYOUT, the company renowned for their PCB-POOL® prototype manufacturing service is offering this comprehensive design software for FREE. The latest TARGET 3001! V18 PCB-POOL® edition includes an integrated 3D-MID function enabling schematic creation and the ability to place circuitry on already created 3D step file data.

Marine designs are a lesson for industrial displays

One of the toughest environments for electronics in general and displays in particular is marine. Sea water is corrosive and needs to be kept well away from the internal electronics. At the same time, devices get exposed to extremes of heat and cold. The display needs to be easily and quickly readable to users in bright sunlight or complete darkness.

Stretched TFT LCD from Craft Data Limited

Craft Data are pleased to introduce their “Bar Type”, “Letterbox” or “Stretch” style TFT LCD panels from their newest partner CDTECH. These wide format colour LCDs are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of our lives from digital car dashboards and white goods to digital signage displays that we now see on our trains and buses.

Two new 7” and 10.1” WXGA TFT Panels from RDS

Ideal for industrial applications RDS introduces the new 7” TM070JDHG30 and 10.1” TM101JDHG30 from TNE (Tianma NLT Europe). Based on the Super Fine SFT/IPS technology, the panels have excellent all round viewing angles of 88 degrees without colour change or inversion, making them ideal for portable medical applications. High contrast, high luminance and a wide colour gamut ensure bright and sharp images with low power consumption.

Humanoid robots to come to life at EDS 2016

Engineered Arts will bring two humanoid robots to next week’s Engineering & Electronics Design Shows (EDS). Its two robots – a Robothespian and a Socibot - will be located within the Innovation Zone, at stand B2, for visitors to interact with throughout the show.

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