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New Electronics' Technology Spotlight section focuses specifically on the latest technological developments within the electronics sector. Whether innovative new design or theoretical concepts, our Technology Spotlight articles will keep you informed of advances within the electronics industry.

DIN-rail mounted circuit breakers

Charcroft has added a DIN-rail mounted version to its industrial series of Airpax hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. Designed for mounting on standard 35mm DIN rails, the ICLR circuit breakers combine space savings with fast and easy mounting and the rugged reliability of hydraulic magnetic technology.

Free Trial: Demo ThreadX Industrial Grade RTOS

ThreadX is Express Logic's Industrial Grade Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded, real-time, and IoT applications. ThreadX has been certified to the highest TUV and UL certification specifications for use in safety-critical devices and systems. As of 2016, ThreadX has over 5.4 Billion deployments, in a wide variety of products, including consumer devices, medical electronics, and industrial control equipment.

Can your products compete with today’s smart technology?

It is clear the market for connected devices continues to grow. But, as we face the challenges of building ‘smart’ products, we are realising we need faster, better, smarter tools to create them. Part of that solution is using tools capable of bringing all the disparate processes onto a single, unified platform.

A Xeon powerhouse

Now available from RDS is the new Fujitsu Mainboard, the D3598-B, which is part of the Extended Lifecycle Family. Ideal for demanding applications this high-performance ATX board features the Intel®C422 (BasinFalls) Chipset used in conjunction with the powerful Intel® Xeon® Skylake-W processors (Socket LGA2066). Designed for 24/7 continuous operation it has an operating temperature range from 0° up to 50°C and prolonged lifecycle of over 3 years

Nicomatic introduces EMM connector

Nicomatic SA is pleased to introduce its new micro connector, the EMM. With its 1.27 mm pitch, it achieves extra weight and space reduction to meet your miniaturization needs in the most extreme environments. Designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL 83513, the new EMM is the perfect solution for your equipment.

FO Patch cords for easy and economical installation

With Telegärtner’s new fiber optic outdoor patch cords, devices outside of a building can easily and economically be integrated into the data network. The new 2-fiber cords come with the common LC duplex connector. The outdoor cable used in these cords is weather-proof, water-tight and UV-resistant. It is available with OM2 multimode fibers for data rates up to one gigabit per second and with OS2 singlemode fibers.

Two Great Value TFT Panels

Now available from Review Display Systems is a 5.7” and 7” TFT panels from Solomon Goldentek. The 7” TFT is a wide 1024 x 560 panel with an LVDS interface. It is sunlight readable at 1000cd/m2 brightness. The 5.7” panel is 640 x 480 with 900cd/m2 brightness and comes with a TTL or LVDS interface designed for outdoor use. There are also versions with a 4-wire resistive touch panel or a capacitive touch.

Artesyn Industrial DC-DC Converters

Artesyn’s new range of isolated industrial DC-DC converters (ATA, AXA and AYA series) span power ratings from 3W to 25W in 1 x 1 inch or 2 x 1 inch packaging. With single and dual-outputs from +/-15 to 24 volts, the converters feature wide input voltage ranges for maximum design-in flexibility.

Mouser Carries CUI PBO 3 & 5W AC-DC Power Supplies

CUI PBO-3 3W and PBO-5 5W Ultra-Compact Open Frame AC-DC Power Supplies offer 80% efficiency with input voltage ranges of 85 to 264VAC or 70 to 400VDC for high voltage DC-DC systems. These devices measure as small as 35 x 11 x 18mm in an open frame SIP package. The PBO series offers single output voltages of 3.3 to 24VDC.

New semi-rigid bending machine qualities

Telegärtner UK has made further investments in production machinery in the form of a new semi-rigid bending machine. It provides excellent opportunities to continue supporting new and existing customers with their semi-rigid cable assembly requirements.

V SHIELD NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Helping Design Engineers Solve EMI Challenges

Nicomatic has released their latest innovative product development named V Shield. A perfect shielding option for dynamic flexing applications, this next generation shielding technology is applied during our in-house manufacturing process, providing EMI/RFI & ESD protection to your specific application. The flexibility allows optimal routing of cables with minimal stress on joints in small space situations.

Longer-life alternatives to ceramic and aluminium capacitors

As alternatives to ceramic and aluminium capacitors, KEMET’s polymer T500 series offers a very long operational life, combined with low ESR and high ripple current capabilities. With high volumetric efficiency in small surface-mount, stacked or axial cases and modules, these capacitors are optimised for high-voltage, high-temperature or high-capacitance applications. T5xx series polymer capacitors are SAMPLING NOW from Charcroft for qualified RoHS-compliant or RoHS-exempt applications.

New RAL 9002 connectors from binder

New from binder are the RAL 9002 grey/white versions of its unique plastic series 620/720 sub-miniature and miniature snap-in connectors and also its NCC connector which offers IP67 protection even when unmated. Manufactured from Polyamide 66 and ideal for medical and other applications requiring resistance to solvents and disinfectants.

Socionext Graphics SoC SC1810 with OpenVXTM-Engine

The Socionext Graphics SoC SC18010 presented at this year’s Embedded World exhibition contains the world’s first OpenVX-compliant Embedded Vision Engine and thus enables a range of computer vision applications. The strength of this new Embedded Vision Engine is its speed, and the vast number of algorithms, as recent research has shown.

Free Trial: Demo of GUIX and GUIX Studio-Create Elegant User Interfaces

Download our free trial and you can be developing elegant user interfaces in minutes. GUIX is Express Logic's advanced, commercial grade GUI software, designed specifically for deeply embedded, real-time and IoT applications. GUIX Studio is a full-featured WYSIWYG design tool, which allows developers to easily design their GUI on the desktop and automatically generate code to be exported to their target

Predict asset failure in advance with National Instruments

Are you concerned about the maintenance and reliability of your plant? As today’s aging assets are being relied on to continue their production output and new technology is becoming more complex, expensive, and difficult to maintain, organizations are looking for a new way forward. Are you ready for the next generation of condition monitoring? Answer these questions to find out

More than a test tool...Meet the Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder

The brand new Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder is the most comprehensive fully portable measuring instrument available for capturing, displaying, recording and analyzing a wide variety of electrical and physical parameters in industry sectors including automotive, electronics, energy, transport and mechatronics. It provides laboratory class DAQ performance in the field!

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