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New Electronics' Technology Spotlight section focuses specifically on the latest technological developments within the electronics sector. Whether innovative new design or theoretical concepts, our Technology Spotlight articles will keep you informed of advances within the electronics industry.

60V High Current Step-Down LED Driver Controller Delivers 300W of LED Power

The LT3763 is a synchronous buck LED driver controller that delivers over 300W of LED power. Its 6V to 60V input voltage range makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural lighting. Similarly, its output voltage can be set from 0V to 55V, enabling it to drive a wide range of LEDs in a single string. The LT3763 offers both input and output current monitors and limiting, which accurately control both input and output current. The LT3763 also offers accurate output voltage regulation as well as input regulation, useful for high impedance sources such as solar panels. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics.

Rugged Android Tablet for True Industrial Mobility

The IMT-1 Android 4.2 tablet, integrating the TI OMAP5432 1.5GHz dual-core ARM A15 processor for high performance computing power. Built-in WLAN or optional WWAN connectivity enables the IMT-1 to easily access information in a wide variety of workplace scenarios. An IP54 rating and 1.2 meter (with optional protective housing) drop resistance support significantly ruggedized construction to withstand the most demanding environments.

VATN displays with the Midas touch coming soon to Rapid Electronics

Wide viewing angles, very high contrast ratios and low backlight leakage make VATN displays an ideal compromise between LCD and OLED functionality and performance. For the first time ready-made VATN displays from Midas Components will soon be available from Rapid in seven different sizes and five backlight colours.

Attend an Altium Demo Day and evaluate Altium Designer 15 for free

Discover why Altium Designer is the PCB design tool of choice for hundreds of leading electronics companies in the UK. At an Altium Demo Day, electronics design professionals get an interactive overview of the software and Altium experts from Premier EDA Solutions are on hand to answer any questions. These events are held around the UK and all attendees receive a set of migration guides and a 30-day licence to evaluate Altium Designer 15.

6SigmaET - Fast and accurate thermal analysis - Free fully supported trial

6SigmaET has released the latest version of its powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use thermal simulation tool – 6SigmaET Release 9. Making expert thermal simulation accessible to electronics designers with no background in thermal design, R9 removes two historical barriers to entry: it allows intelligent models to be built incredibly quickly, and it generates thermal simulation results lighting fast without compromising on accuracy. So, if the idea of complex and unintuitive CFD has always put you off, but you know that thermal simulation will dramatically improve your time to market while driving down your recall rates, now's the time to try it again. Get 6SigmaET free for 30 days.

R&S® RTE : Simply More Scope

More reliable measurements, more tools and fast results, more fun to use – that's the new R&S®RTE oscilloscope. They offer fast and reliable solutions for everyday T&M tasks such as embedded design development, power electronics analysis and general debugging. Users benefit from features such as high sampling and acquisition rates and good signal fidelity. A comprehensive set of measurement and analysis tools deliver fast results and the high-resolution touchscreen makes the R&S RTE very easy to use.

METCASE 19” Front Panel Handles Now Available As Accessories

OKW's metal enclosures division METCASE has added extruded handles to its range of accessories for custom 19" front panels, rack cases and chassis. They make it easier to fit the front panels or chassis into cabinets or remove them during installation and maintenance – speeding up servicing.

New ZMS100 single-output AC-DC 100W power supply for medical equipment

TDK-Lambda is a leading global manufacturer of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and EMC/EMI filters. For over 60 years, our medical grade power supplies have been used in applications from MRI, CT and PET scanners to endoscopes and dental equipment. They are tried, tested and approved to the highest standards. The new ZMS100 single-output AC-DC 100W power supply conforms to IEC60601-1, with 2 x Means of Patient Protection (suitable for B and BF type medical equipment). But it's not just safe. It's also compact and up to 90% efficient - with a 3-year warranty.

Micrel Launches New Family of Miniature, Efficient, Low-Profile, DC/DC Power Modules for Space-Constrained Applications

The MIC33163/MIC33164 (1A) and MIC33263/MIC33264 (2A) are low-profile step down power modules capable of 100 percent duty cycle and operating with an input voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V. These compact modules integrate a synchronous buck converter with an inductor into a 2.5mm x 3mm x 1.1mm (MIC33163/MIC33164) and 2.5mm x 3mm x 1.9mm (MIC33263/MIC33264) QFN package.

Artesyn’s New 40W & 50W 2x1 Industrial DC-DC Converters

Artesyn's latest AEE series 40W & 50W high density DC-DC converters are designed for industrial and rugged applications. 24 new voltage variants cover a wide range of high density applications and both new series cover an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range. Standard -40°C to +80°C operation can be extended by using an optional clip-on heat sink. The Artesyn AEE series offers up to 92% efficiency in a 2x1 inch fully potted and metal cased package.

MXE-200i Series - Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Ultra Compact Embedded Platform

ADLINK's new Matrix MXE-200i ultra compact embedded platform, based on the Intel® Atom™ SoC processor E3845/E3826, delivers the most reliable I/O design anywhere for maximum connectivity. Combined with ADLINK's embedded SEMA Cloud solution, the MXE-200i delivers the manageability and robustness required by mission critical operations everywhere. In addition, full support for Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), integrated Wind River® IDP XT, and McAfee Embedded Control all together guarantee the essential cornerstone manageability and security critical to IoT-ready platforms.

Rohde & Schwarz are offering a FREE one day Seminar titled Demystifying EMC.

The Seminar will be held on Monday January 12th 2015 at Wokefield Park, Reading. This one day event is designed to cover the fundamentals of Electro Magnetic Compatibility. Targeted at Engineers who would like to get a basic appreciation of EMC or brush up on fundamentals once again. The day includes a series of hands-on opportunities to understand different EMC test set-ups and ask questions of our expert team.

Esprit & Time to Market – Time to Volume

Established 1985, Esprit provides a comprehensive range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) from NPI to volume production and represents the very best in automation. In addition to Esprit's Manufacturing & Test services, other core strengths include Product Design, DFM & DFT and global Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Express Logic's X-Ware Platform Speeds IoT Development

IoT-targeted products typically require an RTOS, network connectivity, graphics displays, a file system, and sometimes USB or other middleware components. Express Logic's X-Ware Platform™ delivers all the software needed by these products in a fully integrated, ready-to-use form. Developers can begin application programming immediately, saving all the time otherwise spent on selection, porting, integration and test.

To buy or not to buy: factors influencing whether to do-it-yourself, or use an off-the-peg solution.

In the electronic equipment industry there has been a long tradition of designing and building everything in-house. Companies would pride themselves on having everything under one roof, from design through to manufacturing, test, distribution, sales and administration. In large OEMs it is not uncommon to find different groups working in competition with each other on the same or similar projects, each unaware of the other's existence. This can give rise to duplication of effort and wasted budget.

Advanced development and debugging with the TrueSTUDIO IDE v5.2!

Embedded developers understand that using the right tool makes the work of developing and debugging software easier. Stop fighting with your IDE and let the powerful TrueSTUDIO development environment do the heavy lifting. For more information on advanced development and debugging of ARM-based embedded systems using Atollic TrueSTUDIO please Read this magazine article The new v5.2 release of TrueSTUDIO provides deep and fully automatic integration with the Processor Expert software from Freescale, much improved target support as well as numerous other improvements. Our new integration with Freescale Processor Expert software works like magic!

New Generation x86 Quad-Core Smart Camera

The industry's first quad core x86 smart camera, the NEON-1040, features Intel® Atom™ quad core 1.9 GHz processors delivering powerful performance, and 4 MP 60fps global shutter sensor, open architecture and maximum integration to maximize embedded vision systems like never before.

FREE Migration Guides

Premier EDA Solutions have developed a set of Migration Guides that show how to efficiently import design data from other electronics design systems into Altium Designer. The guides are being supplied free on a USB stick along with 30-day access to the software. The USB is available to order now.

6SigmaET- fast and accurate thermal analysis. Try the next generation thermal simulation tool today

Future Facilities is pleased to announce a significant update to the company's powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use thermal simulation tool. Intended for use by designers of electronic components and products, 6SigmaET Release 9 integrates a new CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver that radically speeds up thermal simulation, as well as introducing a number of enhancements to the tool's functionality and user interface. Try the software free for 30 days.

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