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congatec significantly lowers the price threshold for 64bit x86 computing

congatec, a leading technology company for embedded computer modules, single board computers (SBCs) and embedded design and manufacturing (EDM) services, has introduced new and highly cost-effective versions of its existing COM Express and Qseven modules as well as Mini-ITX boards. They are all equipped with the strategically low-priced, long-term available Intel® Atom™ x5-E8000 processor.

ARBOR Technology introduces Intel Braswell-Based Qseven modules

ARBOR Technology has announced the immediate release of the EmQ-i2200 Qseven module. Available in dual and quad-core formats, the 70 x 70mm modules can support up to three HD displays or two 4k displays, being capable of streaming 4K video in real time. Suitable for a whole range of fanless and rugged embedded computer designs, EmQ-i2200 modules provide native USB 3.0, UART, SDIO, I2C and LPC bus, as well as three PCIe lanes.

Artesyn’s MaxCore Platform: Innovative PCIe Microserver

The Artesyn MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density. You can use Artesyn microserver cards and PCI Express acceleration cards and standard 3rd party PCIe cards to build a platform for SDN/NFV, virtualized multiscreen video, OTT, WebRTC, VoLTE, and other high performance networked computing applications. Industrial applications include semiconductor manufacturing, while military and aerospace applications include radar and sonar.

Advanced eXtremely low voltage and Power CMOS Logic

“The AXP logic family is the lowest power and voltage logic process in the market. NXP now introduces the addition of a level shift translator function to this family which provides the widest range of voltage translation from 0.7 volts to 5.5 volts. The AXP translators (AXPnT) are ideal for high performance applications with Microprocessors/Microcontrollers/SOCs operating at ultra-low voltages below 1.8 volts that still need to interface with I/O peripheral solutions typically operating at 2.5v, 3.3v, or even 5.5v”.

Mouser Carries New N-Channel Power MOSFETs for Design.

Featuring a 5 x 6mm footprint, ON Semiconductor NxMFS5C Power MOSFETs are N-channel MOSFET devices that deliver low on-state resistance, plus minimize conduction losses and improve overall operational efficiency levels. The NxMFS5C also have low Qg and capacitance to minimize driver losses.

Dual 25A or Single 50A DC/DC µModule Regulator

The LTM4650 is a dual 25A or single 50A output switching mode step-down DC/DC µModule® regulator. Included in the package are the switching controllers, power FETs, inductors, and all supporting components. Operating from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 15V, the LTM4650 supports two outputs each with an output voltage range of 0.6V to 1.8V, each set by a single external resistor. Its high efficiency design delivers up to 25A continuous current for each output. Only a few input and output capacitors are needed. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

New KRL series – High power ‘I’ sensing

The KRL range of resistors utilises metal foil technology in order to achieve greater current and power handling capabilities. The low ohmic resistance values available and very stable temperature coefficients make them ideal for current sensing applications.

Nicomatic DMM connectors are ideal for when size and weight are critical

Nicomatic’s DMM connector series offers high reliability and EMC performance in a compact, light weight package. The DMM series allows you to mix LF, High Power and High Frequency contacts in one connector – in over 2 million combinations! Ideal for applications where size and weight are critical such as Space, Missile electronics, and UAV’s.


For over 40 years Artesyn has been the leading provider of long life cycle, embedded COTS computing solutions, designing with high availability rugged technologies. We have the industry’s broadest open, standards-based, HPEC and networking product portfolio spanning switches, blades, systems and racks with services available to support your full application deployment lifecycle. Download this new solution brief (no registration required) to learn more about our VME, PCIe and ATCA COTS computing platforms.

New Robust Automotive Forward Lighting Solution with Environmentally Friendly Solid-State Lighting Technology Available at Mouser.

Fully AEC-Q101C qualified, Lumileds LAFL Altilon LEDs provide a distinctive brilliant white light for forward automotive lighting designs. Its low thermal resistance and high operating case temperature results in simplified thermal management and smaller heatsinks. In addition, these LEDs have advanced phosphor technology, meet SAE and ECE color specifications and provide finer granularity than existing systems.

Stontronics sign exclusive UK distribution deal with Pairui, a leading provider of flexible, cost effective LED drivers for solid state lighting applications

Stontronics, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of power products, has signed an exclusive UK distribution deal with Pairui to offer an upgraded, low cost LED driver range that comes with power factor correction, dual CC/CV mode and dimming as standard. This unique line includes 6 to 75W solutions for indoor lighting, and 18 to 200W for outdoor lighting applications.

Two new TNE 7” and 10.1” WXGA TFT Panels from RDS

These days more and more industrial applications are requiring high resolution, compact wide screen panels for their systems, which is why Tianma NLT have introduced two new 7” and 10.1” WXGA designs Both displays are SFT/IPS technology, so the viewing angle is 88 degrees all the way round without any colour change/inversion which means any orientation is possible without any loss of readability.

8 - Switch Matrix LED Dimmer Simplifies Complex LED Matrix Designs

The LT3965 is an LED bypass switching device for dimming individual LEDs in a string using a common current source. It features eight individually controlled floating source 17V/330mO NMOS switches. The eight switches can be connected in parallel and/or in series to bypass current around one or more LEDs in a string. This device uses the I2C serial interface to communicate with the microcontroller. Each of the eight channels can be independently programmed to bypass the LED string in constant on or off, or PWM dimming with or without fade transition. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

The perfect pairing for Ethernet networks in railway technology.

Today, passenger information systems that transmit audio and video signals represent standard equipment on most trains and increasing numbers of travellers are expecting to find high-end infotainment systems with internet access. All of this presents rail operators with the need to increase transmission capacity and adapt existing rolling stock to the changes in user requirements.

Intelligent Railway Travel with AAEON Boxer PCs from RDS

The AEV-6356/357VS Boxer PCs are primarily chosen for their media playing, monitoring, communication and video surveillance capabilities. These EN50155T compliant products help train crews to monitor different operating parameters of the train such as cabin temperature, door statuses and surveillance, as well communicate with external networks. Take a look at even more exciting features of these PCs…

The genius of Genie: empowering embedded design

The use of traditional desktop PC hardware in embedded applications is widespread. The Ginsbury Genie is a configurable, easy-to-use embedded computing platform that provides full PC compatibility and offers a cost-effective hardware solution for systems that use a Windows desktop O/S and application code. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, the Ginsbury Genie is available with comprehensive technical support from Ginsbury Electronics, a Solid State company.

Free ThreadX Trial—Most Popular Commercial-Grade RTOS

Download your free trial and start writing sample code in minutes. See how the RTOS manages execution with a view of our intuitive, documented code. With more than 2 billion units deployed, ThreadX from Express Logic is the industry’s most popular commercial-grade RTOS—and is pre-certified for safety-critical applications. ThreadX runs on all popular processors and tools. Choose yours!

Transcend Advanced Functions

Why choose Transcend ? Besides our guaranteed quality, our fixed BOM or customisation solutions, Transcend also have a range of advanced functions which help enhance our very strong product range. Find out more about our SSD Scope Pro, DEVSLP, SuperMLC, Advanced Encryption (AES) and Intelligent Power Shield (IPS).

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