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Buying quantity without compromising on quality - By Phil Gee, Director, Corporate OEM/CEM at Farnell element14

High service distribution is changing. Customers and suppliers are demanding a manufacturing partner that can offer both a full design solution and the high level of service they have come to expect. Anticipating and responding to this trend with a comprehensive suite of solutions is critical particularly when targeting the contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) sector.

har-flex® the versatile, space-saving connector range.

har-flex® is a flexible, rugged PCB connector series, based on 1.27mm grid with SMT termination. Available with 6 to 100 contacts and with a robust design, har-flex® provides connectivity solutions for many different board-to-board and cable-to-board applications. har-flex® provides significant real estate saving on the PCB due to the 1.27mm pitch and is packaged for automated processing.

Designing Small Controllers? Don’t Get Burned!

Industry 4.0 means today's customers want small, feature-rich, distributable PLCs with extra I/O channels. But they also want robust PLCs, with heat dissipation firmly under control. With discrete components, satisfying both needs can be a challenge. But with integration, it's possible.

New Ultra-Compact 100W Baseplate Cooled Power Supply

The industry standard full-brick sized power module from Stadium Power measures just 17mm high and will deliver a full output without fan cooling. Typical applications include military COTS power solutions, rugged industrial and instrumentation systems. FEATURES • 100w output power • Ultra low 17mm profile • Universal Input Range 90~264Vac • Active PFC Meets EN61000-3-2 • Low Standby power consumption <0.5W • High Efficiency Up to 91% • High Power Density Up to 14.8W per cubic inch • Operating temp range -20 to +85°C • CE, UL, cUL and TUV approvals • Meets EN55022 ClassB

RedRock™ MEMS-Based Reed Switch

Introducing RedRock™ Ideally suited to the needs of Medical, Industrial, Automotive, and other applications where small size, zero power operation, and hot switching capabilities are required, the RedRock™ MEMS-Based Reed Switch is a single-pole, single throw (SPST) device with normally open ruthenium contacts. The sensor may be actuated by an electromagnet, a permanent magnet, or a combination of both.

AdaCore Launches QGen

QGen is a customizable and qualifiable code generator and model verifier for Simulink (R) and Stateflow (R) models, producing code in MISRA-C and SPARK/Ada. It is particularly well suited for developing and verifying real-time control systems requiring safety certification, against standards such as DO-178C (avionics), EN 50128 (rail), and ISO 26262 (automotive). Its model verifier detects run-time errors such as integer overflow and division by zero, and it can also find logic errors such as dead execution paths and can verify functional properties through Simulink Assertion blocks. The tool is highly configurable thanks to its open intermediate representation.

PYTHON 120W Military Wedgelock Cooled VPX DC-DC Converter with Hold-up

Stadium Power, the leading UK based provider of power supply solutions, has introduced a new military standard wedgelock cooled VPX DC-DC converter with hold up functionality. The Python120 series features Input Voltage from 18 to 38Vdc, electronically limited inrush current, Input to output isolation 300 Vac RMS, Output to case isolation 500 Vac RMS and a standard operating temperature of -46 to +90°C.

Four important reasons to look at Altium Designer

Altium Designer's approach and feature set has been specifically developed to create electronics design as easily as possible. There are numerous ways you can deliver your projects accurately, on time and on budget which we’ve distilled into four key highlights...

Finding the right PCB design software - By Andy Ball, Altium

Below is a handy process for finding the right PCB design tool: 1. Identify your own personal needs that you require from a design tool. 2. Find a few samples of tools that match your needs. 3. Analyze the tools you selected based on feature offerings to determine the best fit.

Zynq Development Simplified by Dyplo Software System

Dyplo is a software system for Zynq which distributes tasks to the ARM Cortex-A9 processor system (PS) and the programmable-logic (PL) fabric, linking scalable data streams via standard AXI interfaces between individual FPGA and processor-executed software processes. Isolate software functions for hardware implementation, prototype them in software and then transform them into hardware to accelerate performance while maintaining interface behaviour. Along with a range of compatible Zynq-based kits, Dyplo is available now from Direct Insight.

GUIX and GUIX Studio, Express Logic’s Development Tools Optimized for Small Footprint

GUIX™ is a high-performance real-time implementation of a (GUI) designed for embedded ThreadX-based applications. GUIX™ easily scales from small micro-controller-based applications to those that use powerful RISC and DSP processors, unlike other commercial implementations originally intended for workstation environments but then squeezed into embedded designs. GUIX Studio™ is a Microsoft Windows-based rapid UI development environment specifically designed for the GUIX runtime library from Express Logic.

RX MCU Platform – One Core, Countless Solutions

The RX 32-bit microcontrollers offer unrivalled scalability from 32 MHz to 240 MHz; from 8KB to 4MB zero wait flash memory; peripheral function, development environment and pin compatibility is maintained throughout, making it easier to develop. Latest platform evolution includes the high-performance 240MHz RX71M with enhanced connectivity and security functions. Learn more!

Infographic Illuminates Energy and Cost Savings from LED Technology

Based on the latest industry statistics, the LED market is certainly experiencing outstanding growth, especially in Europe and in the outdoor lighting segment. But why is it growing at such a fast pace? LEDs save energy and reduce costs. The latest infographic from Littelfuse provides up-to-date insight on the major savings that result from implementing LED lighting.

GTK offers special “Letterbox” style TFTs as standard

GTK UK has expanded its TFT display range to include letterbox footprint modules. These are perfect for applications where height may be a constraint and traditional size TFTs just don’t fit. The new sizes range from 3.9” to 11” and offer a cost-effective solution for high spec designs.

High Current Synchronous Step-Down LED Driver Delivers 40A

The LT3744 is a fixed frequency synchronous step-down DC/DC controller designed to drive a LED load at up to 20A continuous or 40A pulsed. The peak current mode controller will maintain ±3% LED current regulation over a wide output voltage range, from VEE to VIN. By allowing VEE to float to negative voltages, several LEDs in series can be driven from a single Li-Ion battery with a simple, single step-down output stage. The switching frequency is programmable from 100kHz to 1MHz through an external resistor. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.


This innovative range of M12 products from METZ CONNECT offers secure and robust connector solutions for harsh environments. Offering fully shielded solutions and IP67 protection in mated form, end users have the freedom to select individual product components for specific requirements up to a complete network solution from PCB/device level all the way back to the control cabinet.

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