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New Electronics' Technology Spotlight section focuses specifically on the latest technological developments within the electronics sector. Whether innovative new design or theoretical concepts, our Technology Spotlight articles will keep you informed of advances within the electronics industry.

Artesyn: Cost Effective Digitally-Controlled Power Supplies

Artesyn LCM series AC-DC power supplies have built a reputation for outstanding quality and high efficiency at a competitive cost, with safety approvals for industrial and medical equipment. The power range is 300 to 1500 watts and digital control enables units to be rapidly and cost-effectively modified to suit the exact needs of your application.

PMBus Power System Manager Controls & Monitors 16 Power Supplies to ±0.25% Voltage Accuracy

The LTM2987 is a 16-channel Power System Manager used to sequence, trim (servo), margin, supervise, manage faults, provide telemetry and create fault logs. PMBus commands support power supply sequencing, precision point-of-load voltage adjustment and margining. DACs use a proprietary soft-connect algorithm to minimize supply disturbances. Supervisory functions include overvoltage and undervoltage threshold limits for sixteen power supply output channels and two power supply input channels, as well as over and under temperature limits. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

Mornsun’ LN Series Power Supplies Overcome the Short Comings of Electrolytic Capacitors

UK Power Conversion Distributor PowerPax launches the Mornsun LN range, a new series of AC/DC switching power supplies that solve the problems associated with power supplies that utilise electrolytic capacitors. In general electrolytic capacitors are a key component of switched mode power supplies but the shortcomings of this component can lead to power supplies that suffer from poor reliability and short lifespan.

Dual Output PolyPhase Step-Down Controller with Sub-Milliohm DCR Sensing and Digital Power System Management

The LTC3884 is a dual output PolyPhase DC/DC synchronous step-down switching regulator controller with an I2C-based PMBus compliant serial interface. The controller employs a constant-frequency current mode architecture, together with a unique scheme to provide excellent performance for sub-milliohm DCR applications. Programmable loop compensation allows the controller to be compensated digitally. This device is supported by the LTpowerPlay® software development tool with graphical user interface (GUI). In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

How accurate are your Power Measurements?

Yokogawa’s European Calibration Laboratory has become the world’s first non-governmental facility to receive full ISO17025 Accreditation for power measurements at up to 100 kHz. This is in addition to its established capability for providing high-accuracy calibration at 50 Hz, especially at very low power factors (down to 0.0001) and at high currents. This makes Yokogawa the only power meter manufacturer which can directly prove the performance of its own instruments. Only a Yokogawa Calibration Certificate gives the user trust in their instrument’s measurements. Read more to understand the capability.

High voltage, multicell battery stack monitor with isolated interface and guaranteed 0.04% accuracy.

The LTC6804 is a high voltage, multicell battery stack monitor that measures up to 12 series connected battery cells with a total measurement error of less than 1.2mV. The cell measurement range of 0V to 5V makes this device suitable for most battery chemistries. All 12 cell voltages can be captured in 290µs, and lower data acquisition rates can be selected for high noise reduction. Multiple LTC6804 devices can be connected in series, permitting simultaneous cell monitoring of long, high voltage battery strings. Each LTC6804 has an isoSPI interface for high speed, RF-immune, local area communications. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

Infographic Illuminates Energy and Cost Savings from LED Technology

Based on the latest industry statistics, the LED market is certainly experiencing outstanding growth, especially in Europe and in the outdoor lighting segment. But why is it growing at such a fast pace? LEDs save energy and reduce costs. The latest infographic from Littelfuse provides up-to-date insight on the major savings that result from implementing LED lighting.

QGen, a customizable code generator and model verifier for Simulink and Stateflow models

AdaCore announces the release of QGen 2.1.0, a qualifiable and customizable code generator and model verifier for Simulink and Stateflow models. This tool can generate MISRA C and SPARK/Ada source code producing readable, traceable, and efficient code. It is particularly suited for developing and verifying high-integrity real-time control applications, especially where safety certification is required. The tool is highly configurable thanks to its visible intermediate representation.

Rhopoint is pleased to announce its newly formed partnership with Cissoid who are the leader in high temperature & extended lifetime semiconductors.

CISSOID has been the leader in high temperature semiconductor solutions since 2000, delivering standard products and custom solutions for power management, power conversion and signal conditioning in extreme temperature and harsh environments. CISSOID provides high reliability products guaranteed from -55°C to +225°C and commonly used outside that range, from cryogenic lows to upper extremes.

Free ThreadX Trial—Most Popular Commercial-Grade RTOS

Download your free trial and start writing sample code in minutes. See how the RTOS manages execution with a view of our intuitive, documented code. With more than 2 billion units deployed, ThreadX from Express Logic is the industry’s most popular commercial-grade RTOS—and is pre-certified for safety-critical applications. ThreadX runs on all popular processors and tools. Choose yours!

RENESAS SYNERGY - A complete and qualified platform that accelerates embedded development, inspiring innovation and enabling differentiation.

To bring complex system designs to market fast, there is only one solution: A comprehensive, integrated platform. The problem is most solutions aren't truly complete, fully qualified or supported. And they don't necessarily let you bypass tedious infrastructure coding. Fortunately, all that just changed. The IoT is set to revolutionize the embedded market. To help engineers develop the products that will drive the IoT, Renesas, the global leader in embedded microcontrollers, has created the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, a complete and qualified platform that accelerates embedded development, inspiring innovation and enabling differentiation.

The annual Hitex ARM Conference returns for 2015 with a focus on tackling complexity plus safety, security and the latest developments for Cortex-M7.

The agenda for the 2015 Hitex ARM Conference is as full and informative as ever. With a total of 13 speakers (3 of which are keynotes) delegates will be kept engaged for the duration of the day. The line up reads like a "who's who" list for the embedded industry: with new announcements across the board, industry insight and knowledge sharing driving the content of all speaker slots, attendees can be sure that they will be spoilt for choice between the two streams.

Implement “5 Survival tips” for successful PCB design - webinars

At the Electronics Design Show, Premier’s Senior Applications Support Engineers shared their depth of experience with "5 Survival tips" for PCB design. Visitors to their booth learned the methodology behind each tip in a packed schedule of presentations and Professional Consultancy sessions. These tips will now "advance" and in a new series of webinars demonstrate how to put each tip into practice using Altium Designer.

RX MCU Platform – One Core, Countless Solutions

The RX 32-bit microcontrollers offer unrivalled scalability from 32 MHz to 240 MHz; from 8KB to 4MB zero wait flash memory; peripheral function, development environment and pin compatibility is maintained throughout, making it easier to develop. Latest platform evolution includes the high-performance 240MHz RX71M with enhanced connectivity and security functions. Learn more!

New M12 X-coded connectors from Binder for industrial ethernet

Binder has enhanced its already extensive range of M12 connectors with a new series of 8-pole, X-coded connectors. With data transmission of up to 10Gbit/s they will prove highly valuable in security, CCTV, passenger information systems and other applications using industrial Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET.

Anritsu Company Extends Frequency Coverage of ShockLine™ Compact and Economy VNA Families to 43.5 GHz

Anritsu Company announces that it has extended the frequency coverage of its MS46322A Series ShockLine™ Economy Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) and MS46122A Series ShockLine Compact VNAs to 43.5 GHz. By supporting the higher frequency, the low-cost VNAs can efficiently conduct S-parameter and time domain measurements on RF and microwave passive devices up to 43.5 GHz in a variety of cost-sensitive engineering, manufacturing and university testing applications.

NIDays 2015 | Graphical System Design Conference | 3rd November, London

NIDays, the annual graphical system design technical conference and exhibition brings together more than 600 innovators, industry experts and NI employees to explore latest trends and technologies in design, test and control. This free, one-day, multi-track conference features keynote presentations, interactive sessions taught by NI experts, hands-on workshops, and an exhibition showcasing latest advancements.

WirelessHART & Internet Protocol Wireless Sensor Networks Achieve Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption at Less Than 50µA per Node

SmartMesh IP wireless sensor networks are self managing, low power internet protocol (IP) networks built from wireless nodes called motes. The LTC5800-IPM is the IP mote product and the LTC5800-IPR is the IP Manager-on-Chip in the breakthrough Eterna technology family of IEEE 802.15.4e System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions, featuring a highly integrated, low power radio design by Dust Networks as well as an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microprocessor running Dust’s embedded SmartMesh IP networking software. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

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