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Requirements management software helps to keep safety ... 09/04/2013

Whenever you embark on a design project, you need to know what it is you're creating and who you are creating it for. You also need to know the ...

Design flow developments enable more capable signal ... 13/09/2011

Continuity in the design flow is becoming critical if engineers are to meet tighter budget and time constraints when developing next generation ...

Sit in the director's chair 14/09/2010

How a software system is helping to apply processes that deliver projects on time, on budget and with staff involvement.

Beat the clock: System design and frequency management 09/08/2010

Clocks are the 'heart beat' of almost all electronic systems and clock management is an especially important part of the overall system design. Since ...

Packing potential: a critical aspect of the semiconductor ... 21/06/2010

The delicate pieces of silicon which enable the functionality we take for granted have to be encapsulated in some way or another and the signals they ...

Battling heat: Thermal management 07/06/2010

Energy efficiency and increased functionality reshape thermal management challenges.

How cool is that? Liquid cooling 07/06/2010

Liquid cooling is making a comeback as electronic equipment generates more and more heat.

Avoiding the pitfalls 13/04/2010

Communication is an important part of new product development.

Can I get a Witnesss? 07/12/2009

Defining a system architecture for wireless data collection in aerospace applications.

The integration imperative 18/09/2009

In today's high mobility society, the car is becoming just another connected device in the web. The driver expects to access the same information in ...

Lean, mean NPD machine 07/09/2009

We've all heard of lean manufacturing, but why shouldn't the same principles apply to design?

Clocking is critical 10/08/2009

Frequency management will play an important role if Ethernet is to be applied successfully in synchronous networks.

One step at a time 27/07/2009

The work underway to boost skills is taking a step by step approach.

In good shape 27/07/2009

UK electronics is in good shape and capitalising on the nation's 'can do' engineering heritage.

Building on brilliance 27/07/2009

Innovation and design excellence keep leading fabless companies in the UK.

Semiconductor manufacturing techniques bring benefits to ... 10/06/2009

Thermal management is an increasingly important design issue as semiconductors dissipate more heat. At the board level, this can be dealt with in a ...

Pin fin heat sinks point the way to more efficient cooling 08/06/2009

In recent years, increases in processing power mean advanced semiconductor devices now dissipate astounding levels of power. For many applications, ...

Improving engineering management 14/04/2009

Engineering is multidisciplinary and can therefore benefit from 'consolidated thinking'. With with the advent of computer aided engineering, the ...

Within REACH 06/06/2008

Don’t panic! The latest regulation to reach our industry is designed to protect our health. By Mike Richardson.

In safe hands 09/04/2008

Migrating products from design to manufacture in a high mix environment. By Steve Davies.

A system of systems 23/11/2007

How the best laid plans within an organisation can be kept 'plane' and simple! By Mike Richardson.

Share in the community – EXPERT PANEL 08/10/2007

An industry panel wonders how and why innovation occurs.

Meet your maker 14/08/2007

How collaboration with the contract manufacturer early in the design process can be a relationship made in heaven. By Mike Richardson.

On the same page 14/08/2007

How engineering management software tools help to keep everyone singing from the same song sheet. By Mike Richardson.

Mine, all mine! 05/04/2007

IP is a valuable asset in today’s knowledge economy. So how can you protect it? By Vanessa Knivett.
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