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Mixed signal ASICs can prove less expensive than you might ... 11/03/2014

ASICs, we have been told over the last few years, are the preserve of the rich. But not every ASIC has to be manufactured at the 'bleeding edge' and, ...

Medical electronic devices require more powerful SoCs and a ... 22/10/2013

Medical devices and medical pcs need to become more powerful, faster and smarter, with the goal of saving money and improving patient care. This is ...

Universal debug system promises to avoid nightmares of SoC ... 10/09/2013

Systems on Chips (SoCs) are getting ever more complex. In the space of a decade, these parts have grown to feature many processors and huge amounts ...

Verifying fpga based systems using Altium Designer and ... 25/06/2013

When designing electronic modules and systems, the components and the complete board need to be verified at different stages of the project. This ...

Power verification is just as important as functional ... 14/05/2013

SoCs are getting smaller and faster, but smaller node geometries leak more current and higher speed circuitry consumes more power. Yet everyone wants ...

Built in crypto functions help to combat the prevalence of ... 09/04/2013

The counterfeiting of electronic components continues to rise alarmingly. IHS iSuppli reported that, in the first eight months of 2012, more than 100 ...

SoCs with more powerful cores need a more powerful ... 08/01/2013

When mobile phones were used only to make voice calls and to send texts, the communications world was a much simpler place. But things have changed. ...

The importance of verifying the architecture of an SoC ... 11/12/2012

Despite the apparent trend towards using other platforms, asics remain a popular method of integrating functionality into a single device and ...

Outlook 2013: Leading the way 23/10/2012

One of the trends during the 21st Century has been the integration of SoC like components into an FPGA fabric.

CMOS technology enables higher data rates over poorer ... 14/06/2011

Pressure is growing on the companies which supply telecommunications operators (telcos) to develop equipment which carries more data at lower overall ...

Lab fab: Fabrication technology 25/01/2011

Extending the capabilities of base cmos with 'More than Moore' technologies through Lab Fabs. By Ann Witvrouw.

Outlook 2011: Analogue resists assimilation 04/11/2010

Integration issues threaten the development of large scale SoCs and suggest different approaches might be more successful

26 into 1 does go 11/10/2010

Multicore chip design targets basestation market 'sweet spot'.

Multiple choice - embedded design 28/09/2010

Debug has become a battleground for processor makers as they integrate more processors onto one piece of silicon.

Pushing to 32nm: advanced platform for networking asics 21/06/2010

Despite many people claiming otherwise, asics are alive and well. And, again in contrast to recent opinion, asics are also alive and well at the ...

A switch in focus: Communications hardware 07/06/2010

Data centres, the modern day cathedrals of IT, are in the midst of radical change.

Recreating the Big Bang 10/05/2010

How electronics technology is underpinning the search for the Higgs boson and other fundamental particles.

Asics can make sense in rf 10/05/2010

Ultra low power mixed signal and rf asics enable new opportunities.

Security goes digital 26/04/2010

System on chip integration is driving video over IP into the security market.

Putting pieces together 08/03/2010

Moore's Law is still driving the fpga market, but compromises are needed.

Hive mentality: Microrobots 08/03/2010

By imitating insects, microrobots could open new avenues of research and application.

Massively parallel, but massive challenges 09/02/2010

Massively parallel computing systems are coming, but what issues need to be solved?

Pushing packet performance 25/01/2010

Leading edge chipset powers 100Gbit/s IP router platform

Is there life after asics? 10/11/2009

The continuing rise of the fpga looks set to mark the end of the asic. Or does it?

Flexible friends 12/10/2009

New programmable solutions challenge the fpga in the communications sector.
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