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The road to success is long and hard for eda start ups 10/12/2013

EDA and IP were common themes amongst the three start up companies featured at this year's Sophia Antipolis Microelectronics Forum.

Outlook 2014: EDA companies enable the 'push-pull' of ... 12/11/2013

When Gordon Moore observed many years ago that the number of transistors on a chip would double every 18 months, he was simply making an observation ...

Building an IP-XACT design and verification environment ... 12/02/2013

With more IP components and growing time to market pressures, designers are looking for a way to build and update SoC designs easily.

Outlook 2013: Accelerating innovation and time to market 23/10/2012

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is a central enabler for Moore's Law and the incredible electronic innovation that is the driving force in today's ...

How real number modelling is easing the analogue simulation ... 11/09/2012

The world of electronics brings some interesting conflicts, perhaps none more interesting than the stark contrast between the analogue and digital ...

Balanced approach matches analogue design requirements 08/05/2012

Despite its continuing – and, in many cases, increasing – importance in modern chips, analogue and mixed signal (AMS) design has proved difficult to ...

FPGA-PCB codesign; a 21st Century approach to integrating ... 14/02/2012

Integrating advanced fpgas on a pcb is becoming increasingly challenging, with issues including generating optimal fpga pin assignments that do not ...
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EDA enters a brave new world 13/09/2011

There is a school of thought that believes hardware/software codesign is tomorrow's technology – and always will be. But is that really the case?

Chip designers move up to the next level of abstraction 10/05/2011

Engineers recognised years ago that increasing chip complexity meant they had to move to a higher level of abstraction. The problem has been ...

Ten steps to ease the process of implementing multivoltage ... 08/02/2011

Multivoltage designs are increasingly common in ics for mobile devices, but can be difficult to implement. The design flows for multivoltage ...

Starting out 14/12/2010

SAME offers a good showcase for start ups; particularly those offering eda tools. By Louise Joselyn.

Digital takeover 22/11/2010

Analogue designers are having to be increasingly innovative to overcome process scaling problems. By Chris Edwards.

Outlook 2011: A new vision for the EDA industry 03/11/2010

The electronics industry is shifting its focus from silicon to software applications. It's time for a new EDA approach that puts applications first.

The new economics of verification 13/09/2010

With verification dominating leading edge chip design, what does the eda industry have to offer?

CMOS' future depends on statistics 09/08/2010

As semiconductor dimensions decrease, the distribution of dopant atoms becomes a statistical problem.

Converting expectations 09/08/2010

How a 1ppm d/a converter can ease precision instrumentation design problems. By Maurice Egan.

Coordinating collaboration: Board level technology 07/06/2010

PCB designers are leading the way towards better cross discipline design and collaboration.

RDR or DFM? Which is best? 10/05/2010

Restricted design for design for manufacturing: the debate at 22nm.

Back to front 23/02/2010

No longer the 'back room boys', pcb designers are now among the first to be consulted on new projects
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Testing times for engineers 09/02/2010

How time consuming verification tests can be automated.

Modelling parasitics in sub-micron IC designs 24/09/2009

IC designers who work at the deep submicron level know that smaller process size means lower per unit costs, higher performance, and lower power ...

Low power verification methodology 15/09/2009

The world of electronic design automation (EDA) seems to continue to evolve in a predictable fashion. But, asks Krishna Balachandran, is this a case ...

Switching options 07/09/2009

'What if' analysis allows a range of system architectures to be examined.

The high cost of low cost development kits 18/05/2009

A major challenge for any business, particularly in the current economic climate, is how much do you invest in staff and equipment to achieve your ...

Solving the DFM puzzle 08/05/2009

Until now, design for manufacturing has been all about the individual processes. If it is to be successful, it must be applied on a broader scale.
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