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All engineers have an immediate need for a product or solution, but it is equally important that they keep an eye on the future to identify new technologies or methodologies which may enable their next designs.

In this section, New Electronics takes a look over the horizon, pointing out to visitors the developments in research and design which will impact the electronics industry in the next few years, as well as the processes which are being developed to manufacture those products.

8bit mcu the starting point for printable organic electronics?

Much of the focus in the microcontroller and microprocessor markets is on the development of high performance devices with low power consumption. Capable, efficient microcontrollers are being applied in greater numbers in range of industrial systems, while their microprocessor cousins are powering the latest pcs, netbooks and servers.

The world in your hand

Cambridge Consultants has helped Iridium evolve from a voice based satellite communications business to one based on data services.

Pushing to 32nm: advanced platform for networking asics

Despite many people claiming otherwise, asics are alive and well. And, again in contrast to recent opinion, asics are also alive and well at the leading edge of technology. Although the development costs at the leading edge are escalating rapidly, these are outweighed by the benefits which an asic brings to the application.

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