Microcontrollers – whether 8, 16 or 32bit – are all around us: at home, at work, in our cars and in industrial systems. Reflecting this abundance, the market for microcontrollers is worth more than $16billion a year and growing strongly.

The market was once dominated by 8bit parts, but the price performance advantage of ARM based 32bit devices, along with the need to accommodate more complex software, is starting a move from 8bit to 32bit mcus. And this is accompanied by the appearance of multicore devices.

In this section, New Electronics brings you the latest on the microcontroller market.

Any area, any network

Next generation long haul networks can embrace the cost savings of Ethernet through innovative solutions. By By Mark Donovan and Keith Conroy.

Pig in the middle

With much activity in the 8 and 32bit processor markets, are 16bit microcontrollers stuck in the middle? By Philip Ling.

Guiding lights

Solution providers shed light on the growth opportunities available for LED lighting. By Mike Richardson.

IP star still rising

The IP industry is now buzzing, as was evident in a panel session at the recent IP07 event in Grenoble. By Louise Joselyn.

It’s a gas!

Microtechnology is at the heart of a hydrogen powered fuel cell for mobile phones. By Graham Pitcher.

Signalling a change

Multicore architectures and fpga coprocessors mean new algorithmic development approaches are needed. By Graham Pitcher.

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