Developments in medical systems are helping to diagnose and treat more conditions than ever before, with devices ranging from blood pressure meters and glucosometers to leading edge MRI machines. It’s no surprise that medical electronics is a demanding discipline, which means companies involved in the sector, as well as those looking to enter the medical electronics supply chain, need to keep up to date.

New Electronics covers developments in the medical electronics sector, bringing technology updates and opinion from the market.

Getting plastered

EDA tools have helped to bring to fruition a mixed signal chip targeted at a ‘digital plaster’ application. By Vanessa Knivett.

Healing light

Groundbreaking led based therapies are poised to bring some light relief to those suffering from a variety of medical complaints. By Mike Richardson.

Every which way

The latest techniques in data conversion are leading designers to a whole new world of opportunity. By Mike Richardson.

Risk and susceptibility

What does the revised edition of IEC60601-1 mean for medical devices, particularly when specifying power supplies? By Steve Elliott.

Catching cancer early

The NHS’ role is not only providing healthcare, it is also a development hotbed for new technologies. By Vanessa Knivett.

Plasma progress

Advances in blood coagulation technology could mean less invasive surgical procedures. By Vanessa Knivett.

Plasma progress

Advances in coagulation technology could mean less invasive surgical procedures. By Vanessa Knivett.

More power, less consumption

Multiple power management techniques create compact and multifeatured systems with maximum battery life. By Andreas Biß, Sven Stegemann and Gunter Wagschal.

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