Electronics underpins many industrial systems; with applications ranging from programmable logic controllers to sensors to communications. But the market has its particular requirements, including reliability and immunity to the often hostile environment. This means companies involved in the sector, as well as those looking to supply products to those building industrial applications, need to keep up to date.

New Electronics covers developments in the industrial electronics sector, bringing technology updates and opinion from the market.

Picture this!

Will increasing demand for highly sensitive imaging products see cmos technology gain the upper hand over ccds?

Take up takes off

New markets demanding high availability systems with minimum downtime are a ‘steal’ for the ATCA and MicroTCA sector.

Born and bred

Will ‘new kid on the block’ MicroTCA be mature enough to eventually outgrow its older ATCA sibling?

Guiding lights

Solution providers shed light on the growth opportunities available for LED lighting. By Mike Richardson.

Vision on

Telepresence, the latest generation of videoconferencing, is gaining credibility amongst business users. By Vanessa Knivett.

Man and machine

Technology trends suggest the relationship between man and machine is not lost, yet. By Vanessa Knivett

Some light relief

The leading lights of led technology provide some relief for customers whose imaginations are limited by the light bulb. By Mike Richardson.

Feed me!

Power hungry technology continues to make the job of reducing global energy consumption harder than ever. By Mike Richardson.

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