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Xilinx unveils heterogeneous multiprocessing architecture 08/04/2014

Historically, developers of programmable logic devices – and, more latterly, FPGAs – have taken advantage of process shrinks, not only to integrate ...

FPGAs open up new system design possibilities 10/12/2013

System architecture has evolved from being an instinctive dark art – the balance between implementing functions on hardware and software often being ...

New Electronics roundtable: The challenges of targeting ... 26/11/2013

Embedded systems have, in the main, been designed around microcontrollers. But growing demand for increased performance, more capable signal ...

FPGAs enable innovative and cost effective automotive ... 24/09/2013

The increased use of semiconductor products in automobiles has been more pronounced in recent years. For example, it is now fairly common to find ...

Verifying fpga based systems using Altium Designer and ... 25/06/2013

When designing electronic modules and systems, the components and the complete board need to be verified at different stages of the project. This ...

Small scale programmable logic devices offer numerous ... 09/04/2013

In the world of programmable logic, the phrase 'ultra low density' stands out starkly. The reason? Over the years, the trend has to been to create ...

Embedded System Access: changing the paradigm of electrical ... 11/09/2012

Testing electronic circuits has been a key topic since the first transistor was developed and remains as relevant as ever.

Roundtable: Will the mcu-fpga combination remain a high end ... 24/07/2012

In the late 1990s, a leading fpga company launched a campaign under the heading of 'system on a programmable chip'. The idea was that the combination ...

Countering complexity: How graphical techniques are being ... 22/05/2012

Mobile has embraced increasingly complex technologies to boost data rates towards 100Mbit/s. The emerging Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular standard ...

Hardware processing blocks give highest video performance ... 10/04/2012

When digital signal processors first appeared commercially in the early 1980s, they took the electronics world by storm, eventually enabling the ...

The best route to avoiding counterfeit electronics 11/07/2011

It's been discussed and analysed for years, yet there does not seem to be an end in sight for the trade in counterfeit electronics.

How new coding approach helps optical systems to hit ... 24/05/2010

There are several reasons why engineers are working harder when designing high capacity optical systems – higher data rates mean fewer photons per ...

The future’s bright … the future’s programmable logic 24/05/2010

In the 1990s, programmable logic was being touted as the technology of the future. The ability to do with it almost what you wanted was seen as the ...

Another dimension 13/04/2010

How programmable logic is adding another dimension to its abilities.

Putting pieces together 08/03/2010

Moore's Law is still driving the fpga market, but compromises are needed.

Leaving a legacy 25/01/2010

What happens to a process technology when it falls behind the leading edge?

Redefining firmware 11/01/2010

New research means it is now easier to model and design systems that can redefine their hardware in real time

Is the writing on the wall for the discrete dsp? 27/04/2009

The wealth of features supported by the latest MP3 players is only possible because of the widespread adoption of digital signal processing, yet you ...

Connectivity, dsp and low power consumption 13/04/2009

With the attention given by programmable logic companies to potential applications, you could be forgiven for assuming the market was covered by a ...

Taking the platform 20/03/2009

FPGA design has become complex enough to demand a platform based approach.

Feel the power 21/07/2008

Embedded design in the future will be all about power. By Graham Pitcher.

FPGAs are the system 09/05/2008

Xilinx’ Virtex-5 FXT variant to enable system level design. By Graham Pitcher

Navigating the market 25/02/2008

How CSSPs are helping designers find their way to market quickly.

Logical developments 25/02/2008

FPGAs are helping to bring cars to market more quickly.

Power in the bank 09/11/2007

Best practice in optimising fpga designs for power consumption. By Alix Coxon.
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