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Embedded Design

POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Forums powering ahead 08/10/2013

The idea of the forums, according to motiv8's director Harvey Osborn, is to provide an event of the perfect size and format to suit the needs of ...

Data acquisition system enhances images for digital X-Ray ... 08/10/2013

In digital X-Ray (DXR) systems, film detectors are replaced with solid state sensors, including flat panel and line scan detectors. Flat panel ...

FPGAs enable innovative and cost effective automotive ... 24/09/2013

The increased use of semiconductor products in automobiles has been more pronounced in recent years. For example, it is now fairly common to find ...

Cutting overhead through preemption threshold scheduling 24/09/2013

Real time embedded systems typically use a collection of application tasks or threads that must complete their work within real time constraints.

What features do micros need in order to meet the ... 10/09/2013

Although many connected devices are already available, there is some way to go to unlock the potential of the internet of things (IoT).

Analogue electronics sees a revival in the music industry 13/08/2013

When it comes to consumer electronics, we seem to live in a wholly digital world.

Mixed signal and analogue process enables innovative sensors 13/08/2013

Korean semiconductor company MagnaChip has a chequered history stretching back three decades.

Understanding the importance of embedded security 13/08/2013

A recent report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies claims the cost of cyber crime and cyber espionage could be as high as ...

Performance requirements drive changes in battery charging ... 09/07/2013

There are few products on the market today which rely on disposable alkaline batteries for their power. Instead, designers are specifying lithium-ion ...

Voice controlled applications require more advanced ... 25/06/2013

Voice control of built environments, and of all devices used in and between them, is one of those concepts whose fate will be decided by whether ...

GaN reference designs set to play central role in power ... 25/06/2013

Gallium nitride (GaN) has been touted as 'the next big thing' in power electronics applications for some time now. In speed, temperature, efficiency ...

Verifying fpga based systems using Altium Designer and ... 25/06/2013

When designing electronic modules and systems, the components and the complete board need to be verified at different stages of the project. This ...

Industry trends conspire to make power analysis an ... 11/06/2013

As a rule, test and measurement companies need to be at the forefront of technology – their products need to be at least as capable as the equipment ...

Metrology research aims to improve the commercial ... 11/06/2013

Today's applications for MEMS are hugely varied. They range from accelerometers in automotive airbag deployment systems, detecting the rapid negative ...

New Electronics roundtable: The issues involved in embedded ... 28/05/2013

Developing software for embedded systems isn't getting any easier. As systems offer more functions, code size grows and checking that code becomes a ...

Integration is key to enabling the computing revolution, ... 28/05/2013

There has been, in the opinion of AMD, a revolution in computing, with graphics and visualisation playing an ever increasing role.

Power verification is just as important as functional ... 14/05/2013

SoCs are getting smaller and faster, but smaller node geometries leak more current and higher speed circuitry consumes more power. Yet everyone wants ...

Plug and play front end deals with high and wide ranging ... 23/04/2013

Many industrial sensors have high or wide-ranging analogue output voltages and so the industrial control and automation applications they serve often ...

The days of 8bit microcontrollers are numbered as the ... 23/04/2013

When ARM launched the Cortex-M0 core in February 2009, it had a particular market sector in mind.

Power consumption is a primary consideration in smart ... 23/04/2013

Designing loop powered field instruments with a 4 to 20mA analogue output and a HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) interface within the ...

Small scale programmable logic devices offer numerous ... 09/04/2013

In the world of programmable logic, the phrase 'ultra low density' stands out starkly. The reason? Over the years, the trend has to been to create ...

Embedded PMBus simplifies complex power system ... 26/03/2013

Power system designers need to apply and remove power in a predetermined and device dependent sequence.

Making sense of mosfet datasheets 26/03/2013

An engineer once told me that he never looks at the first page of mosfet datasheets since the 'practical' information doesn't begin until page 2.

Analogue market continues to grow as demand surges 26/03/2013

There are many companies supplying analogue components to designers in a wide range of industries.

Integrating a complex guidance system into a limited space 26/02/2013

Military applications present complex electronic design challenges as manufacturers look to take advantage of the latest technologies.
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