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Making sensible outsourcing decisions

Offshore manufacturing has its place and, for some OEMs with the right type of product, significant cost savings can be achieved. However, blindly chasing apparently cheaper manufacturing prices can be fraught with danger.

Timing is everything

In an ever changing market place where there is economic uncertainty, there is an ever increasing demand for businesses to approach their markets in a more creative way.

After the meltdown

How will demand for electronic components from Europe's industries change after the worst 'meltdown' in demand for a decade? And what does it mean for distribution?

Back to basics

The distribution sector has been gaining in importance as principals have reduced their direct sales operations.

A bright future

One thing of which the distribution sector cannot be accused is complacency. It’s an industry which continually looks to develop into new areas of technology, despite economic conditions. The latest forecast from industry association Afdec painted a dismal picture of the UK distribution sector’s short term prospects. And, for the first time, Afdec was unable to see further than six months out. Yet there are islands of opportunity which resemble beacons in the general gloom.

Quick fit kitting

Distribution is playing an increasing role in component kitting and production ready packaging solutions. By Mike Richardson.

The final frontier

The manufacturer’s thirst for knowledge means distribution must continually explore the new frontiers of electronics innovation. By Mike Richardson.

The little big men

A small distributor, protected by a global parent, can help keep your design one jump ahead of the competition. By Mike Richardson.

Miracle workers

Today’s fast paced, ever changing industry demands that the distributor has to be all things to all manufacturers. By Mike Richardson.

Grey market blues

How to avoid the nasty surprises of purchasing components that don’t do what they say on the label. By Mike Richardson.

Crest of a wave

How different levels of technical support can help keep designers on the crest of innovation’s wave. By Mike Richardson.

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