The consumer electronics market is not only one of the fastest moving of all markets, it’s one of the broadest. With mobile phones, tablets and similar devices updated on a rapid time scale, consumers are always on the lookout for the latest products. Those involved in the the sector, as well as those looking to enter the consumer electronics market, need to keep up to date.

New Electronics covers developments in the consumer electronics sector, bringing technology updates and opinion from the market.

Boxing clever

Set top box maker TVonics discusses its evolving strategy for system test. By Vanessa Knivett.

You are here!

How location based services technology is increasingly finding favour in consumer applications. By David Boothroyd.

Get real!

Faced with a blank piece of paper, how can the systems engineer help customers to meet their design goals? By Mike Richardson.

Look, no wires!

The thirst for the removal of yet more wires continues unabated – especially in our living rooms.

Getting up to speed

It’s more than just a race against time when it comes to getting new product introductions to market quickly. By Mike Richardson.

Home on the range

How increasing adoption of ZigBee wireless will soon be helping to get our houses in order. By Mike Richardson.

On the tiles

Will a software defined tile based architecture help to crack the consumer market? By Graham Pitcher.

Suited and booted

Nowadays it’s rare that the roles of engineer, entrepreneur and salesman can be combined effectively. By Mike Richardson.

Some light relief

The leading lights of led technology provide some relief for customers whose imaginations are limited by the light bulb. By Mike Richardson.

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