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It might have just turned 40, but the party is definitely ... 25/06/2013

Ethernet, the data networking protocol often hailed as the most ubiquitous enabling technology in the communications sector, celebrated its 40th ...

Advent of 4G looks set to disgruntle Freeview users 26/03/2013

Although there are seemingly large gaps between the frequency bands for 2G, 3G and now 4G services, the spectrum is a busy place and available slots ...
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How hypervisors help integrate portable devices into the ... 26/04/2011

Increasingly, people are using smartphones and tablets for more than business calls: video conferencing, email, document editing, storage and oral ...

Using a cryptographic IC for key management and logistical ... 30/03/2011

In this feature we will explore a solution to two major industry problems. The first problem is the management of security needs within embedded ...

Cover story: Security issues when working on defence ... 22/03/2011

Responding to the global political situation, governments are placing more emphasis on defence and security. These moves are providing opportunities ...

Crimebusters 23/03/2010

Researchers are looking to make the virtual and physical worlds safer.

What the doctor ordered 27/10/2009

Prescribing wireless connectivity to the medical environment

Walls have eyes! 18/04/2008

Networked digital video surveillance. By Michael Long and Anders Frederiksen.

Firm handshakes 18/04/2008

Providing security for internet based communications. By Graham Pitcher.

Security is the key 08/02/2008

As embedded systems start to communicate, they need to do so securely. By Graham Pitcher.

Taking a closer look 08/02/2008

Regular expression processors are being deployed to provide deep packet inspection at line rates. By Roy Rubenstein.

Video goes digital - Sponsored tutorial 18/05/2007

Video compression and data flow for surveillance systems. By Cyril Clocher.

The evidence is everywhere 25/04/2006

And the EPSRC is funding research to develop the next generation of technologies to do just that.

Blurring the boundaries 10/06/2005

Storage and networking converge as data requirements soar. By Dante Malagrino.

Call security! 18/02/2005

Mobile devices are vulnerable to a range of threats. So how can they be protected? By Louise Joselyn.

Supporting security 11/02/2005

Programmable solutions boost video security systems. By Alexandre Maupas and Jean-Marc Charpentier.

Putting a TOE in the water 24/01/2005

TCP offload engines (TOEs) hold the key to more efficient storage area networks. By Philip Ling.

The key to security 22/07/2004

Quantum key distribution is the secret to totally secure communications. By David Boothroyd.