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Do polymer fibres make for good interconnect solutions? 14/01/2014

Fibre optics are good for transmitting high speed data across the Atlantic, but do they make good interconnect solutions in industrial applications?

How black zinc nickel plating is bringing RoHS to military ... 12/11/2013

When the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive came into force in 2006, the intention was to remove, as far as possible, the use of six ...

Does using 'standard' connectors reduce design advantage or ... 12/11/2013

Connectors are not the glamorous end of the market. They are expected to do what it says on the tin rather than be responsible for adding much value.

Is cable 'just cable', or is there more to linking systems ... 25/06/2013

Despite all the focus on the leading edge technologies involved in electronics products of all descriptions, almost all will depend upon an ...

A new twist to optical communications 26/03/2013

An optical component that can detect twisted light could lead to much higher capacity optical transmission systems. But significant technical hurdles ...

Will gesture control become the future of computer ... 08/01/2013

For many years, we interfaced with our computers using a keyboard and a mouse. But the arrival of touchscreen technology has changed all that. Today, ...

The importance of specifying connectors early on in the ... 13/11/2012

It's a truism that the earlier you fix your design, the cheaper your final outlay will be. This is particularly relevant when specifying connectors, ...

Hybrid interconnects set to meet future aerospace needs 13/11/2012

With a relentless push for smaller, faster and quicker devices, aerospace could well be the most demanding market for electronics. Interconnect ...

Improving process control through more precise ... 11/09/2012

Switches that are designed to activate in response to temperature, pressure or other predefined physical variables are found in processes ranging ...

Is now the time for the connector industry to look beyond ... 26/06/2012

Due to its good conductivity and resistance to oxidation, gold is the metal of choice for plated surfaces in connectors. However, the combination of ...

Connector system removes the need for a midplane in high ... 10/01/2012

High performance computing systems by necessity pack as many boards in an enclosure as possible. But the fact they are high performance means they ...

Circular connectors continue to evolve to meet modern day ... 08/11/2011

Circular connectors have been the device of choice for many years when it comes to rugged applications. In fact, the technology dates back to before ...

Is there a trend to smaller connectors carrying more power ... 08/11/2011

Following the trend at the component level, many systems are getting smaller. While they might be getting smaller, they're integrating more ...

Outlook 2012: Semiconductor IP 01/10/2011

For semiconductor companies, an IP infrastructure is a strategic investment and a successful IP strategy depends on having strong partnerships with ...

Issues and solutions for variation aware custom IC design 30/08/2011

In today's highly competitive semiconductor industry, profitability hinges largely on advantageous design performance, high yield and rapid time to ...

Connectors meet the needs of high speed communications ... 29/06/2011

Communications applications are seeing datarates creeping ever higher. In the telecomms world, major routes are beginning to see data rates of ...

Can a cable be just 'a cable'? 10/01/2011

Putting the 'smarts' in SpaceWire cables. By Christophe Rouaud and Matthieu Salanave.

Which connector where? 09/11/2010

There are hundreds of standards relevant to mating interfaces, but which connector is best suited?

Small features, big benefits: Next generation communications 09/08/2010

Nanotechnology is set to enable next generation interconnects.

Connecting with reliability 21/06/2010

Electric vehicle racing team finds affordable solution to connectivity requirements.

Connecting with medical needs 08/03/2010

Connectors are playing a vital role in implantable electronics. By Chris Parsonage.

The missing link 11/01/2010

Photovoltaic installations need connectors that can stand up to the challenge

Speaking of success: Mouser Electronics 07/12/2009

Mouser Electronics is one of the fastest growing catalogue and web based distributors in the world, dedicated to customer focused distribution ...

Connecting with demand 10/11/2009

Ultra Hard Metric: a breakthrough in connector technology

Pushing the envelope with microelectronics 27/08/2009

For many years, the omnipresent hybrid microcircuit or ceramic multi chip module (mcm) has proven its outstanding pedigree for harsh environment ...
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