Electronics is becoming increasingly important to the automotive sector, enabling the systems which we all expect to find in the latest cars. But those involved in the the sector, as well as those looking to enter the automotive supply chain, need to keep up to date.

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Cover story: Hot Chips

Counterfeit components are so widespread that there is every chance you will unknowingly already have some in your home gadgets.

The integration imperative

In today's high mobility society, the car is becoming just another connected device in the web. The driver expects to access the same information in their vehicle as they do in all other areas of life. These expectations will not be met without a significant contribution from electronics.

Packing in the power

Creating a high energy battery system is a challenge, but there are a number of reasons why the electric car presents a huge green opportunity.

Defence showcase is 10% larger

More than 1350 exhibitors will be showcasing their latest innovations at this year's Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition, which takes place at London's Excel centre from 8 to 11 September.

After the meltdown

How will demand for electronic components from Europe's industries change after the worst 'meltdown' in demand for a decade? And what does it mean for distribution?

Engineering the future

Richard Noble is looking to build a car that goes in excess of 1000mph. but he's also looking to inspire tomorrow's engineers.

Pin fin heat sinks point the way to more efficient cooling

In recent years, increases in processing power mean advanced semiconductor devices now dissipate astounding levels of power. For many applications, cooling these devices has become a major challenge. Older style heat sinks are often inadequate for cooling newer, hotter running components.

Fuelling the future

Fuel cells are finding customers in niche markets, but UK component technology could open the door to high volume applications.

Is the writing on the wall for the discrete dsp?

The wealth of features supported by the latest MP3 players is only possible because of the widespread adoption of digital signal processing, yet you will not find a standalone dsp within an MP3 player. Instead, an SoC includes hardware support for dsp.

A cluster of expertise

The move towards the use of colour TFT LCDs in automotive applications is long established. Drivers and passengers have become comfortable with their use in the cabin and on the console, through the proliferation of products such as GPS and in car entertainment.

Cool it!

Temperature affects device reliability significantly, so the onus is on designers to transfer heat away from devices at risk.

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