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No soft option

Optimised embedded systems development through configurable soft processors. By Per Jørgen Weisethaunet and Per-Arne Kristiansen.

Hands free VoIP

A two part reference design looks to exploit growing demand for internet telephony. By Graham Pitcher.

Beat the clock

Why academics and companies alike are pursuing asynchronous circuit designs. By Graham Pitcher.

Fingering a problem

Capacitive touchscreens could become the dominant technology for finger based input on portable devices. By Hal Philipp.

Perchance to dream

How do you achieve the most benefit from the various low power modes in an 8bit microcontroller? By Vanessa Knivett.

Two heads, not one

In the race to get to market first, the strength of relationship between design house and foundry can put a product ahead of the pack. By Vanessa Knivett.

Dogged by dilemmas

With the industry preparing to embrace 65nm technology, the future beyond 45nm is far from clear. By Paul Dempsey.

Must try harder

The UK must ‘raise its game’ when it comes to skills, says interim report. Vanessa Knivett reports.

Into the valley

Exploring quasi resonant – or valley – switching in flyback power supply design. By Carl Walding.

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