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Coming clean

With WEEE and RoHS ‘sorted’, it’s time to look at the bigger picture. By Graham Pitcher.

The need to talk

The M2M market is starting to boom, say market researchers. If only people could agree on what M2M is.

Analogue outdoes digital

Digital may get much of the attention but, for certain signal processing tasks, analogue has virtues that are unmatched. Speed, compact layouts and extreme low power can all be achieved on an analogue design implemented in a deep sub micron process.

Who’s there?

Compact radar sensing device allows the position and movement of people in rooms and buildings to be determined.

Replication revolutionary

A decade or so ago, the concept of the home office was revolutionary, but the web and broadband have made it a perfectly ordinary lifestyle for millions. But what about a home factory: a production line in your sitting room capable of manufacturing lots of different products, virtually for free? Surely that is a pipedream?

Marketing magic

‘Innovate or die’ is a maxim relevant to start ups. But an excellent idea is not always enough. By Louise Joselyn.

Keeping current

Data serialisation is a clear trend. But how can serial interface technology help optimise designs? By Jeff Ju.

Let’s make a date …

Do you need a little help in meeting investors and getting in front of customers? One eda vendor could lend a hand. By Vanessa Knivett.

Your support network

Board support packages are adapting to cope with Linux, programmable logic and multicore processors. By Graham Pitcher.

Finger on the pulse

As biometric security gets government backing, the technology is finding wider application. By Christos Papakyriacou.

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