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Think like a fish

It’s an eyebrow raising pretext to evangelise, but former EDA luminary Joe Costello believes it is key to fishing successfully in the electronics pool.

A personal plan

A personal development plan is as important as a business plan, as ML Electronic’s managing director Mike Lloyd would testify. By Vanessa Knivett.

Juggling WIP

Keeping the balls in the air with engineering information management systems. By Dave Wiens.

Viva electronics!

Celebrating the many achievements made by electronics engineers could be key to making electronics seem a more attractive career path to students. By Elaine Essery.

Law breakers

Electronics researchers continue their fight against the Laws of Physics. By Graham Pitcher.

Armed and ready …

Larger memory and more powerful processing capabilities are the armoury of choice in the embedded design sector. By Vanessa Knivett.

Diamond ring

Described as a ‘super microscope’, the largest civil science investment for 30 years is about to come online. By Graham Pitcher.

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