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Smaller, faster, better 09/02/2004

How development tools can help software engineers to produce more efficient code for embedded systems. By Ken Butler.  Read More

Tuning the tables 06/02/2004

The latest and possibly most innovative fpga to date makes its debut. By Philip Ling  Read More

Structured asics fuel camp fire 06/02/2004

How do structured asics fit into the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of fpgas and asics? By Louise Joselyn.  Read More

Perfect competition 06/02/2004

Supply and demand of quality IP in a growing market is generating pressure for standards. By Louise Joselyn.  Read More

Go with the flow 06/02/2004

Managing data flow in communications networks. By Michael Olsen.  Read More

Mixing it up 06/02/2004

Conquering the challenges of mixed signal verification. By Dr Christopher Brown.  Read More

A touch of class 06/02/2004

Class D amplifiers straddle the great divide. By Philip Ling.  Read More

Power to your elbow 30/01/2004

Simplifying power module selection. By Andrea Gorgerino and Alberto Guerra.  Read More

VxI Power's 75W power supply for fire panels and telemetry systems 22/01/2004

Lincoln-based VxI Power has released a 75W power supply, primarily for fire panels and telemetry systems. Available in 12 and 24V versions, the 179.5 x 96.0 x 45.0mm unit provides a main output and a battery charge output.  Read More

Toshiba's mosfets in an SOP Advance Package 22/01/2004

Taking up the same space as a conventional sop8 device, mosfets supplied in the SOP Advance Package, developed by Toshiba, are 37% thinner and can handle up to three times as much current.  Read More

Lambda tracks emerging as an industry standard intermediate bus voltage 22/01/2004

Developed with a range of distributed power applications in mind, the half brick PAH350S48 from Lambda is a dc/dc converter capable of delivering 350W at 12 or 28V dc.  Read More

Alright Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my close up 22/01/2004

Getting the best performance out of your ‘leading ladies’. By Philip Ling.  Read More

Entering the arena 22/01/2004

As demand for embedded fpgas is set to boom, Gladiator makes its debut. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Automotive double take 22/01/2004

The automotive industry is taking a renewed interest in the head up display. By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

Taking heat out of the situation 22/01/2004

How to keep your chip or system cool is becoming a hotly discussed topic. By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

Get in line 22/01/2004

Minimalists will understand that one is better than five. By Philip Ling.  Read More

Scalable and serial 12/01/2004

Why should SerialLite feature in the choice of strategies for short haul point to point communications? By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

Weaving a WiFi web 12/01/2004

A different approach to WiFi provision. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Initiation ceremonies 12/01/2004

The Session Initiation Protocol is set to revolutionise packet based communications. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Forming an opinion 12/01/2004

The PrPMC form factor is changing the way in which test and measurement applications are designed. By Lewis Zook.  Read More

Future memories 12/01/2004

Next generation non volatile memory technologies starred at IEDM last month. By Paul Dempsey.  Read More

ASSPs form flexible foundation 08/12/2003

Enabling home media gateway systems with ASSPs. By Peter Lieberwirth.  Read More

Unplugged 08/12/2003

Wires? We don’t need no stinking wires! By Philip Ling.  Read More

Critical acclaim 08/12/2003

A mid class device offers connectivity and more. By Philip Ling.  Read More

Sound foundations 08/12/2003

A structured approach to building software. By Christopher Berarducci.  Read More

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