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From cradle to grave

From WEEE to knowledge management; there’s a range of reasons why you should be looking at product life cycle management. By Graham Pitcher.

Living with WEEE

With the deadline for compliance to WEEE recently extended, just how prepared to meet the legislation is the UK? By Vanessa Knivett.

Power struggles

Once the vision of the future, 42V electrics are being pushed aside by developments in hybrid engine technology. By Graham Pitcher.

Drive by wire

The need for in car networks is accepted. But which network suits which application? And which will dominate?

No soft option

The software content in cars is increasing at an amazing rate, yet ironically it is one of few remaining parts not made by machine. By Philip Ling.

Breaking out ...

There’s a new instrument standard in development. Could it change the basis on which test equipment is bought? By Vanessa Knivett.

Help is at hand

With the death knell sounding for the external emulator, is there a true replacement at hand? By Vanessa Knivett.

Let’s talk

10 things to remember if your data converter is to understand what a dsp is saying to it. By Richard Oed.

Cores and effect

Intel does some fancy design work to reduce power consumption in its latest multicore processor. By Philip Ling.

Integrity matters

Backplane design is evolving in response to the challenges of high data rate fabric requirements, placing high demand on signal integrity. By Martin Blake.

Red hot potential

Silicon carbide may bring sensing closer to the action, but it raises data handling problems. By Paul Dempsey.

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