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Keen on green

Could solar and fuel cell technology power the feature rich handsets of the future? By Mike Richardson.

Alive and kicking

Despite appearances to the contrary, the mono lcd is still the best solution in many applications. By Jim Hemsley.

Pursuing perfection

How the combination of low power, small size and high precision is moving op amp technology nearer to an ideal device. By Brian Black.

Every which way

How Linux is helping to enable designers to extend device networking connectivity every which way but loose. By Mike Richardson.

Breaking barriers

After many years of development, flexible circuits are emerging as a viable alternative to rigid boards. By Louise Joselyn.

Right here, right now

Today’s customers want it all – right now. But increased innovation escalates the complexity of the development process. By Mike Richardson.

Nice threads!

A different hardware and software approach is boosting network processor efficiency. By Graham Pitcher.

Mine, all mine!

IP is a valuable asset in today’s knowledge economy. So how can you protect it? By Vanessa Knivett.

New wave dsps

Social networking and digital multimedia are driving the third wave of dsp developments. By Graham Pitcher.

Life in the fast lane

PCIexpress is fast emerging as one of the frontrunners in providing new possibilities to design products. Mike Richardson reports.

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