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Small and efficient?

XP has launched a 165W open frame ac/dc switching power supply which is ideal for space constrained telecommunications, industrial automation, networking and datacom applications.

Regulators speed time to market

Five families of board mounted dc/dc regulators, conforming to the requirements of the Point of Load Alliance (POLA), have been launched by Ericsson Power Modules.

Dual synchronous buck controller

A pulse width modulated dual synchronous buck controller and driver ic from International Rectifier is designed for use in applications such as dual phase asic and ddr memory power management circuits and datacom power supplies requiring multiple outputs.

Power management components

Power management components from Potentia respond to the increasing requirement for control and monitoring of larger numbers of lower voltage power rails and the need to provide power up and power down whilst handling faults.

Power for power over Ethernet

With a power density of 9W/in³, the 600W PALS600-2482 from Power-One is said to be the industry’s most powerful ac/dc standard product for power over Ethernet applications.

From Fujitsu came Ethos

Ethos is an Ethernet over SDH/Sonet device designed to provide full rate gigabit Ethernet and E1/DS1 access in metro and access networks. The part is said to enable cost effective and compact customer located equipment.

Camera modules standardised

Can a mobile 'phone's camera be standardised? Nokia and STMicroelectronics believe so and have created the Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture (SMIA), which covers not just the functionality, but also the performance, mechanical format and reliability of a camera module.

Compact power supplies

Compact high density rack mounting power supplies from Emerson Network Power are available in ratings of 450, 550, 650 and 850W.

Power tussle?

Electromechanical versus solid state. Is the relay debate a done deal? By Vanessa Knivett.

Hook me up

Implementing USB is getting simpler from a hardware point of view, so what’s happening in the software domain? By Philip Ling.

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