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Into the valley

Exploring quasi resonant – or valley – switching in flyback power supply design. By Carl Walding.

ESL packs power

The standards and tools are emerging to enable true electronic system level design. By Louise Joselyn.

Will i2010 flag?

The EU will be the world’s most dynamic and competitive economy by 2010 – if the i2010 programme delivers. By Graham Pitcher.

Fancy an extension?

The constant drive to smaller, faster, cheaper has brought about an explosion in mezzanine standards. By Vanessa Knivett.

HSDPA tunes in

HSPA is about to see widespread deployment and, given our proclivity for ‘raw data’, it’s likely to be adopted more rapidly than person to person based 3G services. By Philip Ling.

Bit players

Spansion looks to stand out from the herd with 8bit per cell flash. By Paul Dempsey.

The hard cell

Designing a 3G basestation is hard enough. But what about the pico and femto versions? By Graham Pitcher.

Giant killing?

Mobile tv is providing an opportunity for start ups to challenge the big names. By John Walko.

One is enough!

As the first single chip ZigBee solutions emerge, the industry expects great things. By Philip Ling.

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