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Is ‘air’ typing the future? 26/04/2004

Will virtual keyboards be the answer to the well known bottleneck of mobile computing devices, text entry? By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

What’s in a name? 26/04/2004

Is it the function or the form that’s more important? By Philip Ling.  Read More

Simply symbiotic 26/04/2004

Has the definitive example of embedded programmable logic arrived? By Philip Ling.  Read More

A smoother ride 26/04/2004

Simple methods reduce input ripple for all charge pumps. By Andy Fewster.  Read More

More Power to You 26/04/2004

Dynamic power management in handheld devices. By Bill Weinberg.  Read More

Migration motivation 08/04/2004

32bit processors ride the multimedia wave. By David Katz and Rick Gentile.  Read More

A smart move? 08/04/2004

The market for operating systems for emerging smartphones has altered radically recently. By John Walko.  Read More

Supporting cast 08/04/2004

Why C extensions for dsp have become standard. By Philip Ling.  Read More

The golden touch 08/04/2004

Embedded software might be the most effective starting point for SoC design. By Louise Joselyn.  Read More

Analogue at the edge? 08/04/2004

Is digital technology set to displace analogue design? By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Blurring the boundaries 08/04/2004

With higher integration, will your next design be based on a microcontroller or a microprocessor? By Philip Ling.  Read More

Out of hiding 08/04/2004

The dsp’s profile may be expanding, but is its application area? By Philip Ling.  Read More

Solution RAPped 08/04/2004

Dr Hans Eichel and Kenn Lamb discuss the technology that enables a completely field reconfigurable SoC media processor.  Read More

Blue is the colour! 08/04/2004

Blue lasers are extending the lifetime of optical storage technology. By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

Supporting security 18/03/2004

Programmable solutions boost video security systems. By Alexandre Maupas and Jean-Marc Charpentier.  Read More

You must comply! 18/03/2004

The wheels of legislation are turning. By Gary Nevison.  Read More

A cut above the rest 18/03/2004

VITA46 may at first glance be something just for the eyes of avionics systems builders, but it points to wider industry trends. By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

All done by mirrors 18/03/2004

One of the latest attempts to create a 3d display uses a collection of mirrors. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Freshly made 18/03/2004

Battery packs deserve more respect, as they move further up the priority list. By Philip Ling.  Read More

Getting the jitter bug 18/03/2004

What is a jitter transfer function and how does it help designers? By Edmund Suckow.  Read More

Get a move on! 08/03/2004

At last, a serial bus that could simplify interconnectivity at all levels. By Philip Ling.  Read More

Taking the strain 08/03/2004

Moving to 90nm means more than a process shrink. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Working to the clock 08/03/2004

Driving jitter in serial architectures to new low levels. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Optimisation fuels uptake 08/03/2004

ASSPs set to drive Ethernet adoption in industrial markets. By Richard Woerner.  Read More

Taking a quantum leap 08/03/2004

Will a quantum leap in performance silence the dram battlefield? By Vanessa Knivett.  Read More

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