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P1687 finally emerges as a working standard 24/09/2013

P1687, also known as Internal JTAG, has been on the drawing board for the best part of a decade, but if the draft standard gets approval from a Balloting Committee this month it may be published by the IEEE in Q1 of 2014. It has taken so long because it has a significant bearing on a whole host of companies – including software developmers, IP ...  Read More
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Cutting overhead through preemption threshold scheduling 24/09/2013

Real time embedded systems typically use a collection of application tasks or threads that must complete their work within real time constraints.  Read More

Will existing test equipment be able to handle 100Gbit Ethernet? 24/09/2013

The emergence of 100Gbit Ethernet is set to bring huge increases in broadband speeds, but will existing test equipment be up to the task?  Read More

North American Eagle bids to become the fastest land vehicle 24/09/2013

For a brief period in 1964, when the rules governing land speed records were transitioning from wheel powered to jet propelled vehicles, the official land speed record was held by Donald Campbell in his Bluebird – and this was set in Australia. That apart, the record has been set for the past 80 years in America, principally at the Bonneville Salt ...  Read More

IP advice: When is a threat to sue unjustified? 23/09/2013

New Electronics has partnered with leading intellectual property law firm D Young & Co LLP to offer guidance to companies on how to protect their IP. In this issue, Claudia Rabbits, a D Young Associate, explains what is 'unjustified'.  Read More

Electronics Design Show 2013 preview 10/09/2013

When Findlay Media launched the Engineering Design Show last year, the move was greeted with a degree of scepticism, yet the event proved a roaring success.  Read More

UK researchers in race to develop 5G technology 10/09/2013

Mobile device users in the UK are about to be offered mouth watering deals to entice them to shift to faster data rate services as competition finally comes to the 4G market. 02 has just launched its LTE based (Long Term Evolution) services, while Vodafone and 3G UK – the other operators with 4G licences – will follow on shortly as they try to ...  Read More

Cognitive Radio generates interest from the military 10/09/2013

Software defined radio – moving hardware functions into software – has opened up the door to a more flexible future for radio. More specifically it is an enabling technology behind cognitive radio (CR) – a system that provides a service based on the environment and resources available.  Read More

Challenges involved in modernising an aircraft's avionics suite 10/09/2013

There are several reasons why a military operator might wish to modernise the avionics systems of its aircraft. These include enhancing mission capabilities, reducing pilot workload, increasing situational awareness, securing compliance with current and emerging regulatory requirements that enable military aircraft to fly in commercial airspace ...  Read More

Universal debug system promises to avoid nightmares of SoC debug 10/09/2013

Systems on Chips (SoCs) are getting ever more complex. In the space of a decade, these parts have grown to feature many processors and huge amounts of software. But the best – or the worst – is yet to come. In another decade, SoCs will be unrecognisable from their early ancestors.  Read More

What features do micros need in order to meet the challenges posed by the IoT? 10/09/2013

Although many connected devices are already available, there is some way to go to unlock the potential of the internet of things (IoT).  Read More

What should designers consider when choosing between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart? 10/09/2013

Bluetooth Classic, the original standard, has been in the market since 1998, moving from version 1.0 to the current version 2.1. During this time, it has shipped in more than 2.5billion devices.  Read More

Can intermittent faults in operation be cured at the design stage? 10/09/2013

Intermittent faults can be irritating. Often attempts to repair them will result in the phenomenon of NFF – No Fault Found – as the product fails to reproduce its failures when sent for service or repair. Such problems cease to be irritating and start to become very expensive and potentially dangerous when they start to appear in safety critical ...  Read More

Analogue electronics sees a revival in the music industry 13/08/2013

When it comes to consumer electronics, we seem to live in a wholly digital world.  Read More

Mixed signal and analogue process enables innovative sensors 13/08/2013

Korean semiconductor company MagnaChip has a chequered history stretching back three decades.  Read More

Understanding the importance of embedded security 13/08/2013

A recent report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies claims the cost of cyber crime and cyber espionage could be as high as $500billion, with losses of $100bn and 500,000 jobs in the US alone.  Read More

MEMS/cmos process to replace quartz oscillators? 13/08/2013

Almost every electronic product needs a clock to provide its 'heartbeat' and, traditionally, this heartbeat has been supplied by a quartz oscillator.  Read More

Demands of LTE backhaul push chip companies to create more powerful processors 12/08/2013

Mobile data usage is growing at a clip and this will continue with the rollout of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. Globally, smartphone mobile data is expected to grow by a factor of 19 from 2012 to 2017, according to the latest mobile traffic forecast from Cisco Systems.  Read More

What difference can a prototyping/bare board partner bring to the design process? 30/07/2013

Prototyping should be easy: collect together the designer's array of components and put them together. Assuming the initial design is good – what could go wrong?  Read More

Choosing and working with the right manufacturing partner 30/07/2013

When engineers sign up, they probably don't expect to get involved in working with and in many cases selecting their EMS partners.  Read More

The critical issues facing the UK electronics industry 23/07/2013

Electronics is a challenging sector in which to work. It's certainly a challenging sector when it comes to running a company.  Read More

How can electronics design companies collaborate more effectively with the supply chain? 23/07/2013

One theme that emerged from New Electronics' reader survey focused on the supply chain – with issues ranging from getting practical advice on new technologies to dealing with unpredictability of supply.  Read More

Dealing with the problems of obsolescence 23/07/2013

When we asked readers what were the critical issues facing their company, many replied along the lines of dealing with obsolescence and the related topic of counterfeiting.  Read More
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Continuing Professional Development remains an important element of an engineer's career 23/07/2013

In a recent survey, New Electronics asked its readers what were the most critical issues facing the UK electronics industry in 2013. While many respondents were rightly concerned about the next generation of engineers, many were also concerned about meeting current skills requirements.  Read More

The benefits of bringing in a third party design service 23/07/2013

Electronics designers are busy people and the rate of progress in technology precludes them from being able to keep pace with every development in every field.  Read More

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