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Will printed electronics deliver devices at the price point needed for the IoT? 12/11/2013

While everybody seems happy to talk about the Internet of Things, people sometimes struggle to define exactly what it is.  Read More

Outlook 2014: UK companies push to be at the forefront of their fields 12/11/2013

Trying to divine the future – even things only a year out – is a risky business. Nevertheless, we all try it at one time or another. Trying to perceive the future of electronics is at the riskier end of the spectrum. While we have a good idea of where process technology is headed and what devices might be made on those processes, we have a much ...  Read More

Outlook 2014: Embedding digital processing in analogue and mixed signal designs 12/11/2013

The market for analogue and mixed signal semiconductors is set for some significant evolution over the next few years. The Internet of Things – in which billions of objects (smart or otherwise) will become IP enabled and connected – offers an abundance of opportunities for devices and systems that sense, control, actuate and communicate with the ...  Read More

Outlook 2014: EDA companies enable the 'push-pull' of electronics 12/11/2013

When Gordon Moore observed many years ago that the number of transistors on a chip would double every 18 months, he was simply making an observation on the potential of semiconductor manufacturing. Reality proved him right and soon his observation gained the status of a prescriptive industry law.  Read More

Outlook 2014: How the maker movement could reinvigorate UK electronics 12/11/2013

Earlier this year, I read a statistic that truly pointed towards the future for technology and, in particular, the future for manufacturing.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Why electronics distributors are riding the internet wave 12/11/2013

The past five years have seen massive changes in the services offered by electronics distributors. Distributors are still the 'middle men' in the supply chain, but they are no longer just a place to buy components: they have a much bigger part to play by providing new resources and greater design support.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Power electronics moves forward on many fronts 12/11/2013

Power electronics and power management technology rank among the most diverse in terms of breadth of applications and markets.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Software centric ecosystems are the future of test 12/11/2013

The world is increasingly software oriented, and the way we interact with devices is changing. Smartphones, set top boxes and even automobiles are now defined by their embedded software. With this evolution, we are challenged to keep up with the pace of innovation and the resulting complexities.  Read More

Outlook 2014: IoT set to benefit embedded systems market 12/11/2013

Embedded systems have experienced significant growth over the past decade in markets such as telecommunications, industrial, security and consumer electronics as developers add more intelligence and connectivity to devices and systems. The embedded market growth of the past few years may well be dwarfed by what will come with the build out of the ...  Read More

Outlook 2014: The growing importance of optoelectronics 12/11/2013

From ultra-efficient LEDs to coupling for isolation, optoelectronic semiconductors are increasingly important in applications ranging from lighting and factory automation to renewable energy and smart metering.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Innovative semiconductor materials drive Moore's Law forward 12/11/2013

The ever-increasing demand for longer battery life and faster performance of computers and mobile devices has driven rapid innovation and change in semiconductor devices. According to Moore's Law, device performance has been doubling every 1.5 to 2 years and this has been the case for more than 30 years.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Analogue technology enables more advanced sensors 12/11/2013

Moore's Law is the engine that drives the development of digital semiconductors. And as the processors in digital devices such as smartphones and tablets become more powerful, so developers find more uses for the analogue components that can sense and interpret the world around the user.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Changing economics spurs greater integration 12/11/2013

Analogue ICs have remained the core of a reliably profitable part of the IC market for years, in contrast to the fortunes of the memory and digital logic sectors that are more vulnerable to the booms and busts of the semiconductor business.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Growing the UK's power electronics sector 12/11/2013

The UK is one of the leading players in the field of power electronics. It's a sector which contributes more than £50billion to the UK's GDP and which supports – directly and indirectly – 500,000 jobs in 25,000 companies. And it has the opportunity to take an even bigger share of the global market, estimated to be worth $135bn a year and to be ...  Read More

Outlook 2014: Findlay Media announces the Embedded Design Show 12/11/2013

When Findlay Media announced last year that it was tripling the size of the Engineering Design Show in 2013 by launching the Electronics Design Show and expanding the Design for Manufacture section to create Engineering Materials Live, there was a deal of scepticism about whether a newly launched event could be grown that quickly.  Read More

Outlook 2014: What's in store for the UK's electronic systems community? 11/11/2013

NMI, the trade association for the electronic systems, microelectronics and semiconductor communities in the UK, has been working hard to address the issues facing industry since its establishment in 1996. It aims to provide a home for the industry reliant on the full spectrum of electronic engineering expertise, inclusive of embedded software.  Read More

Introducing Zeno, the lifelike robot that is helping autistic children communicate 22/10/2013

The autistic spectrum is sometimes, mistakenly, thought of as a gauge on which we all have our own place. Such a spectrum, you would have thought, must have the behaviour of a standard human being either at one end of it or bang in the middle. But this is not the case; it is a spectrum that deals with excesses of behaviour and there is a wide ...  Read More
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Medical electronic devices require more powerful SoCs and a clearer embedded roadmap 22/10/2013

Medical devices and medical pcs need to become more powerful, faster and smarter, with the goal of saving money and improving patient care. This is being made possible through the development of smaller, more powerful processors that enable wider use of computer technology; for example, in the home care sector.  Read More

The importance of selecting the right package for a chip 22/10/2013

There are a number of elements in the electronics world which have a higher priority than was the case some years ago – and it's certainly the case when it comes to packaging leading edge chips.  Read More

Simplifying real world interfacing using a Linux based development board 22/10/2013

Embedded microcontroller development boards are a popular, low cost way of getting to know a microcontroller architecture. Meanwhile, 8bit boards, such as Arduino, provide an easy way of getting to know the basics of programming and the components needed to interact with real world applications.  Read More

Debug automotive designs more quickly with CAN-dbc symbolic trigger and decode 22/10/2013

The differential CAN bus is used extensively in modern cars for drive train and body control. This protocol, developed by Bosch more than 30 years ago, is still considered the 'workhorse' serial control bus of the automobile and has been adopted for industrial and medical equipment control applications.  Read More

CSR talks about its technology introduction strategy 22/10/2013

CSR is fabless – it doesn't do end products – yet it comes up with some interesting example designs to show what can be done with its chip platforms. A recent example is an ultrathin touch surface enabled by CSR's single chip Bluetooth Smart solution.  Read More

Researchers a step closer to chips that mimic the brain 08/10/2013

The human brain is the most efficient computer there is and creating a hardware equivalent has long been close to the top of many technological wish lists for decades. Yet, despite the efforts of researchers from all corners of the globe, that goal has yet to be achieved.  Read More

POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Expert panel 08/10/2013

A power design survey conducted by New Electronics threw up some interesting information, especially when compared to results of a similar survey in 2011. Tim Fryer asked a panel of experts to comment on the results and how their companies are responding.  Read More

POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Powering change in the industry 08/10/2013

Annual demand for power electronics devices of all kinds is immense; current estimates value it at something like $135billion and demand continues to grow by 10% per annum.  Read More

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