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The road to success is long and hard for eda start ups 10/12/2013

EDA and IP were common themes amongst the three start up companies featured at this year's Sophia Antipolis Microelectronics Forum.  Read More

MEMS moves into the mainstream 10/12/2013

Like the carbon nanotubes featured in this issue's Cover Story, MEMS is often regarded as a technology of the future.  Read More

Compliance and interopability can only be guaranteed through testing 10/12/2013

Wireless connectivity forms the heart of modern data exchange, whether that be between people or machines.  Read More

Silicon alternatives offer a new way to boost power device performance 10/12/2013

Over the past 40 years, the biggest advances in power conversion efficiency have come from improving conversion technique, although important enhancements have also been made to the characteristics of the silicon used.  Read More

The benefits of using 600V GaN cascode fets 10/12/2013

Gallium nitride (GaN) based transistors have been around for many years for rf applications.  Read More

FPGAs open up new system design possibilities 10/12/2013

System architecture has evolved from being an instinctive dark art – the balance between implementing functions on hardware and software often being swayed by the amount of legacy software or, perhaps, the limited hardware resource.  Read More

In-flight electronics get the OK 26/11/2013

Many will feel vindicated, others surprised and a few sceptics will still be concerned, that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finally allowed the use of most personal electronics devices (PED) on planes in US airspace – even during take off and landing.  Read More
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Adopting a healthy approach to integrating analogue 26/11/2013

Mixed signal and analogue design has always been considered the 'harder' part of the electronics business, with solutions often generated by 'silver backs' with long experience of the intricacies of the technology.  Read More

New Electronics roundtable: The challenges of targeting fpgas at embedded applications 26/11/2013

Embedded systems have, in the main, been designed around microcontrollers. But growing demand for increased performance, more capable signal processing and parallel processing means fpgas are moving ever closer to the heart of embedded systems.  Read More

Ethernet finds use in the automotive industry 26/11/2013

The automotive industry is turning to Ethernet to address high-bandwidth applications emerging within the car. But it is Ethernet with a twist, tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the car. And while automotive Ethernet is taking to the road, the technology has yet to achieve widespread industry backing.  Read More

The challenges of taking COTS to top speed 26/11/2013

There's nothing new in the concept of using COTS – commercial off the shelf – backplanes and boards in a range of applications. It's an approach rooted in good sense, as long as the various elements you select can interoperate.  Read More

Human factors: BEEAs 2013 round up 12/11/2013

The Grand Prix at this year's British Engineering Excellence Awards goes to the Design Engineer of the Year.  Read More

IoT set to solve many societal and industrial challenges 12/11/2013

The phrase 'Internet of Things' arrived with little fanfare a couple of years ago. Since then, it's turned into the 'buzzword' of the age; there's few things you read which don't refer to it.  Read More

Digital imaging technologies bring better performance to embedded systems 12/11/2013

Intelligent vision systems are relatively new; they provide a link between the harder domain of modern technology and the softer world we live in.  Read More

Boundary scan emerges as popular tool for design engineers 12/11/2013

Boundary scan is becoming a useful tool for design engineers. As the development of Design and Test automation tools continues apace, then so too does the convergence of the disciplines that utilise these sophisticated software systems.  Read More

How black zinc nickel plating is bringing RoHS to military connectors 12/11/2013

When the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive came into force in 2006, the intention was to remove, as far as possible, the use of six chemicals from products on the market.  Read More

Does using 'standard' connectors reduce design advantage or increase flexibility? 12/11/2013

Connectors are not the glamorous end of the market. They are expected to do what it says on the tin rather than be responsible for adding much value.  Read More

Will printed electronics deliver devices at the price point needed for the IoT? 12/11/2013

While everybody seems happy to talk about the Internet of Things, people sometimes struggle to define exactly what it is.  Read More

Outlook 2014: UK companies push to be at the forefront of their fields 12/11/2013

Trying to divine the future – even things only a year out – is a risky business. Nevertheless, we all try it at one time or another. Trying to perceive the future of electronics is at the riskier end of the spectrum. While we have a good idea of where process technology is headed and what devices might be made on those processes, we have a much ...  Read More

Outlook 2014: Embedding digital processing in analogue and mixed signal designs 12/11/2013

The market for analogue and mixed signal semiconductors is set for some significant evolution over the next few years. The Internet of Things – in which billions of objects (smart or otherwise) will become IP enabled and connected – offers an abundance of opportunities for devices and systems that sense, control, actuate and communicate with the ...  Read More

Outlook 2014: EDA companies enable the 'push-pull' of electronics 12/11/2013

When Gordon Moore observed many years ago that the number of transistors on a chip would double every 18 months, he was simply making an observation on the potential of semiconductor manufacturing. Reality proved him right and soon his observation gained the status of a prescriptive industry law.  Read More

Outlook 2014: How the maker movement could reinvigorate UK electronics 12/11/2013

Earlier this year, I read a statistic that truly pointed towards the future for technology and, in particular, the future for manufacturing.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Why electronics distributors are riding the internet wave 12/11/2013

The past five years have seen massive changes in the services offered by electronics distributors. Distributors are still the 'middle men' in the supply chain, but they are no longer just a place to buy components: they have a much bigger part to play by providing new resources and greater design support.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Power electronics moves forward on many fronts 12/11/2013

Power electronics and power management technology rank among the most diverse in terms of breadth of applications and markets.  Read More

Outlook 2014: Software centric ecosystems are the future of test 12/11/2013

The world is increasingly software oriented, and the way we interact with devices is changing. Smartphones, set top boxes and even automobiles are now defined by their embedded software. With this evolution, we are challenged to keep up with the pace of innovation and the resulting complexities.  Read More

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