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Pushing to 32nm: advanced platform for networking asics

Despite many people claiming otherwise, asics are alive and well. And, again in contrast to recent opinion, asics are also alive and well at the leading edge of technology. Although the development costs at the leading edge are escalating rapidly, these are outweighed by the benefits which an asic brings to the application.

Viewpoints: Have you unplugged yet?

A few years ago, the future of the 8 and 16bit mcu was being questioned. As embedded applications grew more and more complex, the hardware scene was likely to be dominated by fpgas, asics, cplds and SoCs. Would the traditional general purpose mcu survive?

Spotlighting opportunity: LED lighting market set for rapid growth.

LED lighting technology is currently experiencing rapid and exciting progress. According to market research firm Strategies Unlimited, demand for LED lighting will exceed $5billion in 2012 and it says growth will be further stimulated when white LED lighting fixtures can demonstrate quantifiable energy and cost savings compared with conventional light sources.

How new coding approach helps optical systems to hit 100Gbit/s

There are several reasons why engineers are working harder when designing high capacity optical systems – higher data rates mean fewer photons per optical pulse and there is greater signal dispersion. Adding to the challenge, service providers want the reach of 40 and 100Gbit/s systems to match that of existing networks designed for 10Gbit/s lightpaths.

Making your mark: Finding a route through the CE marking maze

In order to meet the demand for low cost electronics, companies are increasingly sourcing products directly from manufacturers outside the EU. By law, whoever is placing an electronic product or component for sale in Europe is responsible for its compliance with the CE marking directives.

An introduction to ultrasonic sensors for vehicle parking

For years, ultrasonic sensors have been used in a wide range of applications including fish finders, parking sensors in cars and burglar alarms. In this article we describe the characteristics of ultrasound and the use of ultrasonic sensors, using parking sensors as an example.

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