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Sensors - A clever touch 12/07/2010

Driven by the influence of products such as the iPod, capacitive touch sensing is finding wider application and support. By Graham Pitcher.  Read More

Modelling the brain 12/07/2010

How ARM processors are enabling a massively parallel neural network.  Read More

Company profile – Bringing designers the world's most energy friendly microcontrollers 30/06/2010

The explosion in the use of battery operated electronic products of the last few years has been followed more recently by the need for the battery to last longer for convenience, environmental and cost reasons. At the same time, applications have become increasingly complex and demand higher performance from the microcontroller, making the ...  Read More

The inside track - designs on distribution 21/06/2010

How design in distributors can deliver solutions to their customers.  Read More

Beyond the reference design 21/06/2010

Speeding development through customised embedded platforms.  Read More

Connecting with reliability 21/06/2010

Electric vehicle racing team finds affordable solution to connectivity requirements.  Read More

A matter of scale: Integrated device eases industrial signal scaling issues 21/06/2010

In an industrial environment, the control of machinery or the control of process is done with the help of programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems. Both have monitoring and controlling functions, as they include analogue I/O modules that can receive input signals from sensors and transmit output signals to actuators.  Read More

Pushing to 32nm: advanced platform for networking asics 21/06/2010

Despite many people claiming otherwise, asics are alive and well. And, again in contrast to recent opinion, asics are also alive and well at the leading edge of technology. Although the development costs at the leading edge are escalating rapidly, these are outweighed by the benefits which an asic brings to the application.  Read More

Packing potential: a critical aspect of the semiconductor design process 21/06/2010

The delicate pieces of silicon which enable the functionality we take for granted have to be encapsulated in some way or another and the signals they process routed to and from the host pcb.  Read More

Focusing on the future: harnessing the power of nanoelectronics 21/06/2010

Smart vision systems are just one facet of imec's mission to harness the power of nanoelectronics.  Read More

Battling heat: Thermal management 07/06/2010

Energy efficiency and increased functionality reshape thermal management challenges.  Read More

A switch in focus: Communications hardware 07/06/2010

Data centres, the modern day cathedrals of IT, are in the midst of radical change.  Read More

Coordinating collaboration: Board level technology 07/06/2010

PCB designers are leading the way towards better cross discipline design and collaboration.  Read More

Sounds good: Microsystems research and development 07/06/2010

How MEMS technology is helping to improve audio quality in consumer goods.  Read More

Special Report: Start Ups and Spin Offs 07/06/2010

Being a semiconductor start up involves more than just chip design.  Read More
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How cool is that? Liquid cooling 07/06/2010

Liquid cooling is making a comeback as electronic equipment generates more and more heat.  Read More

Viewpoints: Have you unplugged yet? 27/05/2010

A few years ago, the future of the 8 and 16bit mcu was being questioned. As embedded applications grew more and more complex, the hardware scene was likely to be dominated by fpgas, asics, cplds and SoCs. Would the traditional general purpose mcu survive?  Read More

Close to a breakthrough: Near Field Communications 24/05/2010

Despite a longer than expected gestation period, NFC is nearing wide scale application.  Read More

Checking the options: Asian Manufacture 24/05/2010

An approach to ODM sourcing in Asia borne out of experience.  Read More

Lighting up the industry: EuroLED2010 preview 24/05/2010

EuroLED2010 takes place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from 9 to 10 June. Now in its seventh year, the event has established itself as Europe's premier LED event.  Read More

Spotlighting opportunity: LED lighting market set for rapid growth. 24/05/2010

LED lighting technology is currently experiencing rapid and exciting progress. According to market research firm Strategies Unlimited, demand for LED lighting will exceed $5billion in 2012 and it says growth will be further stimulated when white LED lighting fixtures can demonstrate quantifiable energy and cost savings compared with conventional ...  Read More

The screen test: displays for industrial applications 24/05/2010

How a supplier of displays for industrial applications is responding to tougher requirements.  Read More

How new coding approach helps optical systems to hit 100Gbit/s 24/05/2010

There are several reasons why engineers are working harder when designing high capacity optical systems – higher data rates mean fewer photons per optical pulse and there is greater signal dispersion. Adding to the challenge, service providers want the reach of 40 and 100Gbit/s systems to match that of existing networks designed for 10Gbit/s ...  Read More

Targeting testability: Design for testability needs simple solutions 24/05/2010

In spite of enormous development and production improvements, electronic components continue to fail and not one manufacturing technique will guarantee a 100% fault free pcb. Faulty assemblies must not be delivered and the requirement for testing is obvious.  Read More

Plug and play: Directives and standards 24/05/2010

Does your 'previously approved' power supply meet UK plug pin requirements?  Read More

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